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Make more money, have better relationships, achieve better health and find enjoyment in life as a Supertrucker.

This is much, much more than just information needed for determining if you are the right type of person for a trucking job.  You do have the information to help you determing if a trucking job is right for you.  There is a CD and an Ebook to help you decide and prosper.

However, you also have a collection of 5 more of my CD's available on amazon for $15 each included in this super trucker media kit.  These CD's talk about life, choices, making money, doing business, parenting, relationships, and even a CD for teens.

Here is what is included in the Supertrucker Media Kit

6 CDs as MP3 DOWNLOADS ( a $60 digital value $90 physical value)

1. Introduction to Trucking - help you determine if trucking is for you

2. Escape From the CB - It's about taking trucking to a new level making the most out of your time on the road.  I believe every driver should listen to this CD.

3.  Boost Your Business - Gives my ideas, tips and perspective that I feel could help you to create a solid, loyal and profitable organization if you are building or operating a business.

4. Making Money in a Recession - The mindset, ideas, tips, tools for making money in any economy.  Work at home and online is part of the discussion but more importantly how to apply a thought process to create your own opportunity

5.  Proactive Parenting For New Parents - If you know me, you know empowering parents, youth, and the confused is my passion.  This CD aims at making new parents aware of the power they have to mold their child's life in ways that they can be proud of and reap huge benefits from.  More peace and happiness in teenage years is just one.  But there is more to talk about in parenting than the direct parenting of the child that also matters.

6. How To Win At Life - Truth to the Youth is the soundtrack to video I recorded while talking to the youth about life.  I keep it real and simple.  You get out what you put in.

Often youth will take something that is said from another person from outside of the home slightly differently than hearing it from the parent.  (they figure you are saying what you are supposed to say i guess)  I try to help you to deliver the truth and useful perspective on life so the youth can make better choices which are guided by what they want for their own futures.

That's not all.  There are 2 Ebooks also included. ($20 digital value - $30 physical value)

1. A Career In Trucking - Is an ebook to help you learn what it is like to be a trucker.

2. Transforming the Mind - To Overcome Adversity is about gaining traction in life by figuring out what tools, you need in order to move forward.  It's about developing a certain thought process that empowers you to stay the course on your journey to achieving your goals in life.

I call this super trucker because the information that is included adresses the main issues that I see affect truckers in a negative way most oftenRelationships, Money Issues, Happiness With Work.  By addressing these issues and getting you to think about them in a positive productive, proactive way before hand, it will help you to make choices which will make you a better person.  You will not be just a trucker, but a super trucker! :-)

As if that wasn't enough.  You can also make money with these downloads.  Burn the CD's to a CD Rom, print flyers and sell copies of these important projects to help your local communities and people you know.  There is a topic for all....those needing a job to those needing parental advice.  If you know parents who might want some positive words to play for their kids to listen to...Truth To The Youth will be a step in the right direction.

As if that wasn't can also market the entire Super Trucker Media Kit online and make over half of the selling price in commission!

So just in case you just woke up.  In digital form, you can get all 6 CDs, plus 2 Ebooks for $19 dollars.  You are able to benefit from the materials by what you learn from listening and reading also can make copies of the CDs and sell them to people them to help other people in your communities who need to be exposed to the same information!

Plus, if you so desire you can market them online and make money easily by sharing them with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc and make a commission from those sells.

Ok, you got it?  Good.  I am still not finished.


Note: You can not sell the bonuses.  You can not give away the Bonuses

Bonus 1(invaluable)

Also included an ebook titled - Improving Your Marriage To Newly Weds (for relationship problems or for preventing them)

Bonus 2 (invaluable)

A collection of ebooks about internet marketing and making money online.

I called it the Work From Home Collection.

Make more money, have better relationships, achieve better health and find enjoyment in life as a Supertrucker. This is much, much more than just information needed for determining if you are the right type of person for a trucking job. You do have
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