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Tahiti and Fiji, DVD, Worldwide Travel Films

Tahiti and Fiji, DVD, Worldwide Travel Films WTF-DVD-TAH
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Tahiti and Fiji

Filmed and produced by Fran and Brooke Reidelberger

Scripted and narrated by Fran Reidelberger

Fiji and Tahiti are two examples of the mystical beauty that exemplifies an earthly paradise for romantic world travels. In this new film, Fran Reidelberger highlights the scenic splendor of both of these South Pacific nations while detailing colorful similarities as well as dramatic historical differences.

Fiji - the former British colony of Fiji is now an independent nation with a diversed economy, including gold mining. Firewalking, exciting cultural ceremonies of song and dance and incredibly friendly people are a traveler''s delight. In Fiji:

  • Tour Suva, the country''s capital city and seat of power for the British during almost a hundred years of colonial control;
  • Visit the Fiji Museum to learn about Fiji''s Melaneasian heritage and its newly won independence from Britain;
  • Learn about the important role played by East Indians in developing Fiji''s economy and see a fascinating Indian religious ceremony called, \the spirit of holy torture\"
  • Fly to the island of Ovalau to see where missionaries began converting Fijians from cannibalism to Christianity;
  • Travel the Coral Coast on Viti Levu, see spectacular orchids, and Fijians walk through fire and across white-hot stones barefooted;
  • See gold mining, sugar cane harvesting and agriculture, three of Fiji''s major industries;
  • Journey to the remote Yasawa Islands to take part in a Fijian welcoming ceremony featuring Yagona, the country''s national drink;and
  • Attend a meke, an exciting and colorful festival of song and dance.

Tahiti - Tahiti is even more scenically dramatic than Fiji. Although Polynesian culture has been submerged by more than 100 years of French influence, Tahiti is still a facinating place to visit. In Tahiti:

  • Tour Papeete, the country''s capital city on the island of Tahiti;
  • Learn about French and English influence, visit the municipal market and admire the elegant hats of the church ladies on Sunday;
  • Experience Papeete at night, including a Polynesian show;
  • Walk around Point Venus where the first Europeans, Captains Wallis, Bligh and Cook, landed in the 1700''s;
  • Tour the botanical gardens and visit a small museum on the garden grounds honoring French artist Paul Gaugain;and
  • See beyond the beauty of the Bougainvillea flower to the man for whom it was named, French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainvile.

Travel to:

  • Moorea - - to see the famous Bali Hai peak and see how to tie and wear the pareu, the national dress of Tahiti;
  • Huahine and Raiatea- - to see the important ancient temples recently uncovered, and the site where many Polynesian explorations were launched hundreds of years ago;and
  • Bora Bora - - to attend an international sailing regatta, meet a model ship builder, see the remains of the U.S. military presence in Tahiti during WWII, and to explore the spectacular underwater world, including swimming with sharks!
" Tahiti and FijiFilmed and produced by Fran and Brooke ReidelbergerScripted and narrated by Fran ReidelbergerFiji and Tahiti are two examples of the mystical beauty that exemplifies an earthly paradise for romantic world travels. In this new film, Fra
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