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GÇ£Israel Today!GÇ¥

Filmed and produced by Fran and Brooke Reidelberger

Scripted and narrated by Fran Reidelberger

Some people say Israel is a land as venerable as the bible and as vibrant as todayGÇÖs newspaper headlines. Accorded formal nation status in 1948, Israel is certainly a part of the world that has known uncommon turmoil for over 2,000 years, with alternate periods of calm and violence and appears headed for more of the same.

Their GÇ£Israel Today!GÇ¥ is a timely, new look at this tiny but vitally important place. The film was produced and the show is presented with a hope for peace and prosperity, which the vast majority of people in the region desperately desire and richly deserve.

  • TEL AVIV - IsraelGÇÖs largest city with more than a million inhabitants and the countryGÇÖs largest resort with high rise hotels, fine restaurants, world class beach, sailing, ancient markets, internet cafes, modern universities, museums, gardens - - and traffic! Celebrate Independence Day and Memorial Day and visit nearby Jaffa.
  • HERZLIYYA - Tour IsraelGÇÖs answer to CaliforniaGÇÖs Silicon Valley. Almost every high tech company in the world, including some born in Israel, operates in this rapidly growing town.
  • NETANYA - Watch skilled artisans change rough diamonds into elegant jewelry at NetanyaGÇÖs National Diamond Center.
  • CAESAREA - Walk in the footsteps of the conquering Romans and touch the ancient remains of their aqueducts and amphitheaters.
  • KIBBUTZIM - Experience the laid back lifestyle of those who inhabit the kibbutz communities throughout Israel. Agriculture, education, the arts and religion are all part of the scene.
  • ARMAGEDDON - Known alternately as Megiddo, this biblical site is where many people believe the final battle of civilization will be fought as the forces of GÇ£goodGÇ¥ conquer the forces of GÇ£evilGÇ¥.
  • AKKO - Besieged and influenced by everyone from the Visigoths to the Crusaders and beyond, this historic Arabtown is a visual delight.
  • HAIFA - See the countryGÇÖs second largest seaport, the Bahai faithGÇÖs international headquarters, and HaifaGÇÖs sculpture-laden Peace Park. Meet the person who created the sculptures.
  • DRUZEVILLAGE - Admire the work of master weavers, meet the non-Muslim Arab inhabitants of Daliat-el-Carmel, and marvel at the beauty of a nearby nature reserve.
  • NAZARETH - Visit the town where Jesus grew up and see MaryGÇÖs Well, Basilica of the Annunciation, and Church of Jesus the Adolescent.
  • SEA OF GALILEE - Sail on IsraelGÇÖs largest body of fresh water to visit some of ChristianityGÇÖs most important holy sites near Tiberias.
  • HULA VALLEY - Learn about the conversion of a swamp into IsraelGÇÖs 10,000-acre GÇ£bread basketGÇ¥ and the reintroduction of once indigenous wildlife.
  • METULLA - Proceed with caution in this exceptionally pretty but heavily patrolled northernmost town precariously perched on the border of Lebanon.
  • ELAT - Play on the beach and scuba dive in the crystal clear water of this increasingly popular and luxurious Red Sea resort.
  • NEGEV DESERT - Enjoy the dramatic beauty of this unforgiving environment that represents almost 50 percent of IsraelGÇÖs land mass. Learn how todayGÇÖs residents are reinventing and refining ancient water systems to turn the desert GÇ£greenGÇ¥ at places like Sde Boker. Meet the nomadic Bedouins and their camels.
  • BEER SHEBA - Absorb the sights and sounds of the weekly Bedouin market where you can bargain for sheep, camels, clothing and other treasures.
  • DEAD SEA - Experience the curative powers of GÇ£black mudGÇ¥ and floating in the salty waters and learn about the areaGÇÖs multi-billion dollar chemical mining industry.
  • MASADA - Brave the 100-degree summer heat and climb to this desert fortress, 1,000 feet above the Dead Sea surface. Built by King Herod some 2,000 years ago, some believe this fortress was witness to the largest mass suicide in history.
  • JERUSALEM - Compare and contrast the GÇ£oldGÇ¥ and GÇ£newGÇ¥ parts of this ancient holy city, home to important shrines for all three of the worldGÇÖs monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Sites featured are IslamGÇÖs Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, ChristianityGÇÖs Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa and Garden Tomb, and JudaismGÇÖs Second Temple, GÇ£Wailing WallGÇ¥ and Yad Vashem. Other features include the gates of JerusalemGÇÖs Old City, the Arab market, Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum, the Knesset, and urban development in modern West Jerusalem.
  • BETHLEHEM - Not officially recognized as being part of Israel today, the town where Jesus was supposedly born remains an important stop for any visitor to this sacred land. Attend mass at the Church of the Nativity and see the GÇ£cribGÇ¥ where Mary gave birth.
GÇ£Israel Today!GÇ¥Filmed and produced by Fran and Brooke ReidelbergerScripted and narrated by Fran ReidelbergerSome people say Israel is a land as venerable as the bible and as vibrant as todayGÇÖs newspaper headlines. Accorded formal nation status
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