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The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training

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The Multi-Orgasmic Lover step-by-step audio guide series for men is a
training program which I designed to assist thousands of my private
clients over the last 20 years:

Increase arousal

Strengthen erection

Control ejaculation

Prolong love making

Build your sexual stamina

Heighten pleasure

Keep a healthy prostate

Experience multiple orgasms


yourself relaxing to the sound of a sexy female voice while
listening to the sexual secrets that are bound to transform your sex
life forever!

In ancient China the emperor would hire a female consultant to
teach him the secrets that would make him last all night. Now you too
can feel like a king as you keep listening to your own personal erotic
coach in the privacy of your home -as often as you wish.

How does The Multi-Orgasm Lover Training™ work?

Simple. Once you sign up for your membership you will be able

to downstream the 3 Cd Set content as often as you want using your
personal password and user name. You first listen to 2 Cd Set of the
Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training and assimilate the information along with
the 10 steps.

Listen now to free samples from Cd 1 and some of the key practices to prevent premature ejaculation from our Audio Library

Listen now to a free sample from Cd 2 about letting the full body orgasm take you for a ride! Click here

Then allow yourself to be seduced into an exhilarating Guided
Erotic Journey designed to help you integrate the benefits from what you
will learn earlier.

Listen to a free sample from the Guided Erotic Journey

Because I understand how challenging it can be to follow a
regular discipline I needed to make it very appealing for the listener
to want to come back to it every day. Judging from the abundant and
enthusiastic feedback its been a great success; here is some of

What satisfied customers say about the Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training™

  • What a highly pleasurable way of learning! The delightful
    music combined with Ishtaras sensuous voice makes it a rare package.
  • "A greatly efficient tool which has helped increase my confidence as a lover
  • Nothing like a sexy female voice to have me follow the program; and it really works !

  • With Ishtaras personal sexual fitness program I have been
    able to gradually delay ejaculation from 2 to 40 minutes and I believe I
    can achieve even longer. Needless to say I am thrilled!

  • "This training has saved my relationship; thank you so much
    for showing me the first key to total female sexual satisfaction which
    is ejaculation control.

Why does it work so well ?

Studies have showed that it takes about forty days of
listening to the same message every day in order for the subconscious
mind to change prior belief patterns which affect our behavior.

Whether we are aware of it or not our belief system is
intricately wired to our sexuality. In other words, if you dont think
you are sexy, you wont feel sexy! And unless you believe you can last
longer, it wont happen either.

As you relax and listen to the Cd program daily your brain gets
rewired. Old self-limiting thoughts about your body and your sexuality
get transformed into positive, limitless ones so you can allow yourself
to receive increasingly more pleasure while feeling empowered.

The Multi-orgasmic Lover Training Cd 3: A Guided Erotic Journey
is specially designed to empower you as a sexual being. It will help
reframe self-limiting thoughts and images you may have around your body
and your sexuality to ones which emphasize that you deserve your
ultimate pleasure, health and well-being. Having your personal erotic
guide lovingly reminding you what to do at that critical time where
pleasure kicks in will get to your brain like no books will ever do. No
matter how many great tips you think you may have learned earlier on
mastering ejaculation control a different part of the brain is activated
when arousal takes place and you simply forget. When you hear the
message again and again while getting aroused your neuropathways are
activated and you get it through your body! Thats what makes it a
superior way of learning orgasm mastery.

With A Guided Erotic Journey CD you will learn to:

  • Last longer in bed

  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation

  • Monitor your arousal rate

  • Relax while building up to higher and higher levels of arousal

  • Gradually open your body to experience full body and multiple orgasms.

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover step-by-step audio guide series for men is a training program which I designed to assist thousands of my private clients over the last 20 years: Increase arousalStrengthen erectionControl ejaculationProlong l
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