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Australia: AUS (80 clips)

This overview of Australian highlights includes shots from Sydney and other cities, but focuses primarily on images of several important Australian regions including Daintree National Park, the Tablelands, Green Island, the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains with kangaroos, the Great Ocean Road with the Twelve Apostles, wine growing regions such as the Yarra and Barossa Valleys, scenes from Alice Springs and the strange Outback landscapes of Australia''s Red Center including the West MacDonnell, Kings Canyon and Ayers Rock. Activities include snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, sea kayaking, cricket, camel rides, and hot air ballooning.

  • AUS01 Sydney Opera House
  • AUS02 Downtown Sydney
  • AUS03 Side Sydney Opera House
  • AUS04 Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • AUS05 Manly band concert
  • AUS06 Manly Beach
  • AUS07 Evening view Sydney
  • AUS08 Harbor at Caims
  • AUS09 Swimming pool Cairns
  • AUS10 Snorkeling Great Barrier Reef
  • AUS11 Green Island from ferry
  • AUS12 Queensland landscape
  • AUS13 Daintree River ferry
  • AUS14 Daintree Rain Forest
  • AUS15 Swinging bridge Mossman
  • AUS16 Kayaking Queensland
  • AUS17 Girl on beach Daintree
  • AUS18 Sandy beach Queensland
  • AUS19 Mountain in Queensland
  • AUS20 Fountain Adelaide
  • AUS21 19th century Hahndorf
  • AUS22 View of Barossa Valley
  • AUS23 vineyards Barossa Valley
  • AUS24 Old cemetery Barossa
  • AUS25 Cricket game Barossa
  • AUS26 South Australia landscape
  • AUS27 Landscape McLaren Valley
  • AUS28 Park victor Harbor
  • AUS29 Horse and trolley Victor Harbor
  • AUS30 Tram to Granite Island
  • AUS31 Camel rides Victor Harbor
  • AUS32 South Australia
  • AUS33 Sailboats Goolwa
  • AUS34 Historic house Goolwa
  • AUS35 Old fashion Goolwa train
  • AUS36 Ferry on Murray River
  • AUS37 Coorong National Park
  • AUS38 Old buildings in robe
  • AUS39 Small boat harbor Robe
  • AUS40 Coastal landscape Robe
  • AUS41 Seascape LimestoneCoast
  • AUS42 Coastal monument Robe
  • AUS43 Stockman statue Penola
  • AUS44 Blue Lake Mount Gambier AUS45 River and beach Port Campbell
  • AUS46 Cannon at Port Fairy
  • AUS47 Twelve Apostles morning
  • AUS48 Twelve Apostles evening
  • AUS49 Surf Great Ocean Road
  • AUS50 Loch Ard gorge
  • AUS51 Split Point Lighthouse
  • AUS52 Melbourne across bay
  • AUS53 Melbourne along Yarra River
  • AUS54 Forest park Yarra Valley
  • AUS55 Sheep grazing Yarra Valley
  • AUS56 Preparing for horse show
  • AUS57 Hiker on road Yarra Valley
  • AUS58 Hot air balloons Yarra Valley
  • AUS59 Cattle in Victoria
  • AUS60 Ned Kelly statue Glenrowan
  • AUS61 Murray River Rutherglen
  • AUS62 Great Dividing Range
  • AUS63 Snowy Mountains
  • AUS64 Stockman''s cabin
  • AUS65 Kangaroos Kosciuszko NP
  • AUS66 Mother Kangaroo with Joey
  • AUS67 View of Canberra
  • AUS68 Three Sisters Blue Mountains
  • AUS69 Horses Upper Hunter Valley
  • AUS70 Kangaroo crossing sign
  • AUS71 Viewing Alice Springs
  • AUS72 Red rocks West MacDonnell
  • AUS73 Hikers in Stanley Chasm
  • AUS74 Hiker in Kings Canyon
  • AUS75Kings Canyon rim
  • AUS76 Sand and mulga trees
  • AUS77 Mount Connor
  • AUS78 Abandoned stock pen
  • AUS79 Camel near Ayers Rock
  • AUS80 Outback sunset

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Australia: AUS (80 clips)This overview of Australian highlights includes shots from Sydney and other cities, but focuses primarily on images of several important Australian regions including Daintree National Park, the Tablelands, Green Island, the B
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