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Stock Footage Collections Cambodia - Angkor Wat Royalty Free Stock Footage

Stock Footage Collections Cambodia - Angkor Wat Royalty Free Stock Footage GSC-DVD-ANG
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Cambodia - Angkor Wat: ANG (80 clips)

  • ANG01 Angkor Wat with pond
  • ANG02 View of Angkor Wat
  • ANG03 Side view Angkor Wat
  • ANG04 Entrance Angkor Wat
  • ANG05 Temple from door
  • ANG06 Inside temple Angkor Wat
  • ANG07 Statue in temple
  • ANG08 Closeup of statue
  • ANG09 Burning insence
  • ANG10 Distant view Angkor Wat
  • ANG11 Zooms in Angkor Wat
  • ANG12 Temple framed in leaves
  • ANG13 Clouds over Angkor Wat
  • ANG14 Zooms out Angkor Wat
  • ANG15 People at Angkor Wat
  • ANG16 Side entrance Angkor Wat
  • ANG17 Gallery Angkor Wat
  • ANG18 Cambodian King
  • ANG19 King in procession carving
  • ANG20 Stone dancing girls
  • ANG21 Girl''s face in stone
  • ANG22 Monks at Angkor Wat
  • ANG23 Gate to Angkor Thon
  • ANG24 Closer Angkor Thon gate
  • ANG25 Zooms Angkor Thon
  • ANG26 Tree trunks Angkor
  • ANG27 Gate &motor bike
  • ANG28 Stone face Angkor
  • ANG29 Closer view stone face
  • ANG30 Side view stone face
  • ANG31 Top of wall Angkor
  • ANG32 Stone lions Angkor
  • ANG33 Angkor temple
  • ANG34 Angkor temple 2
  • ANG35 Angkor temple door
  • ANG36 Temple with monks
  • ANG37 Temple doorways
  • ANG38 Carved walls Bayon temple
  • ANG39 Relief carvings Bayon
  • ANG40 Warriors in relief Bayon
  • ANG41 Detail warriors
  • ANG42 Zooms in on warrior
  • ANG43 Pans relief carving
  • ANG44 Pans stone faces
  • ANG45 Stone profile Bayon
  • ANG46 Stone face &forest
  • ANG47 Pans faces Bayon
  • ANG48 Detail Bayon face
  • ANG49 Zooms on Bayon face
  • ANG50 Zooms on face Bayon
  • ANG51 Stone figures Angkor
  • ANG52 Zooms on face in door
  • ANG53 Zooms out from door
  • ANG54 Face at Bayon
  • ANG55 Stone monk Bayon
  • ANG56 Terrace of Elephants
  • ANG57 Zooms from elephants
  • ANG58 Bike vendor Angkor
  • ANG59 Path in forest
  • ANG60 Temple in forest
  • ANG61 Ta Prahn Temple
  • ANG62 Walls at Ta Prahn
  • ANG63 Pans wall with trees
  • ANG64 Ta Prahn ruins
  • ANG65 Temple doorway
  • ANG66 Ta Prahn Temple
  • ANG67 Pans Ta Prahn Temple
  • ANG68 Tree roots cover temple
  • ANG69 People enter temple
  • ANG70 Roots over doorway
  • ANG71 View from temple door
  • ANG72 Image with orange drap
  • ANG73 orange drape &state
  • ANG74 Phnom Pehn &Mekong
  • ANG75 Temples in Phnom Penh
  • ANG76 Monument Phnom Penh
  • ANG77 Temples in Phnom Penh
  • ANG78 Temple in Phnom Penh
  • ANG79 Royal palaces Phnom Penh
  • ANG80 Royal precinct Phnom Penh

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Cambodia - Angkor Wat: ANG (80 clips)ANG01 Angkor Wat with pond ANG02 View of Angkor Wat ANG03 Side view Angkor Wat ANG04 Entrance Angkor Wat ANG05 Temple from door ANG06 Inside temple Angkor Wat ANG07 Statue in temple ANG08 Closeup of statue ANG09 B
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