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Stock Footage Collections Bali Royalty Free Stock Footage CLP-DVD-BALI
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BALI – loaded motorcycle, small frog in hand, fishermen in boat, plowing field with water buffalo, close up large python, many ducks in rice field. Ornate carved door, king cobra in attack mode, men putting chickens in truck, traditional statues, rice fields

  • Bal001 2 people in rice field
  • Bal002 pan rice fields to scarecrow
  • Bal003 pan terrace rice field
  • Bal004 2 people planting rice
  • Bal005 ride kids to school on motor bikes
  • Bal006 very small frog in hands
  • Bal007 young school kids in uniforms
  • Bal008 exotic blue bird
  • Bal009 ducks in rice fields
  • Bal010 bright red parrot
  • Bal011 traditional Bali statue
  • Bal012 wood carver working on statue
  • Bal013 wood carver sitting at work
  • Bal014 wood carver hands close up
  • Bal015 ornate carved wooden door
  • Bal016 entrance to reptile farm
  • Bal017 plowing field with water buffalo
  • Bal018 large crocodile in water
  • Bal019 crocodile walking
  • Bal020 king cobra in attack mode
  • Bal021 close up macaw
  • Bal022 men putting chickens in truck
  • Bal023 men bringing chickens in basket
  • Bal024 close up coconut carving
  • Bal025 stork walking in water
  • Bal026 close up large python
  • Bal027 young girl vendor on street
  • Bal028 putting large python on tourist
  • Bal029 bird park entrance
  • Bal030 bamboo motorcycle
  • Bal031 woman cut chicken in market
  • Bal032 woman and large basket on head
  • Bal033 Ronald McDonald surf pose
  • Bal034 women vendors at markets
  • Bal035 women and market scene
  • Bal036 women and market scene
  • Bal037 lift basket on head
  • Bal038 traditional offerings
  • Bal039 man performing ritual with offerings
  • Bal040 man performing ritual with offerings
  • Bal041 tourists and vendors on beach
  • Bal042 traditional statue
  • Bal043 weaving small offering bowls
  • Bal044 close up offerings
  • Bal045 pan modern hotel and pool
  • Bal046 close up weaving wicker furniture
  • Bal047 pan wicker furniture
  • Bal048 men working on wicker furniture
  • Bal049 happy hours sign
  • Bal050 traffic viewed from inside vehicle
  • Bal051 traffic viewed from inside vehicle
  • Bal052 men gambling
  • Bal053 Balinese architecture
  • Bal054 food cart in street
  • Bal055 women load melons on head
  • Bal056 woman slice pineapple
  • Bal057 close up slicing pineapple
  • Bal058 roadside food cart
  • Bal059 traffic, horse cart
  • Bal060 small crab rolling sand on beach
  • Bal061 tourist with vendor on beach
  • Bal062 loaded motorbike in traffic
  • Bal063 surfer paddling out
  • Bal064 fisherman in boat
  • Bal065 tourist, boat in water
  • Bal066 fishing boat coming in
  • Bal067 man carry large fish at shoreline
  • Bal068 tourist playing in water
  • Bal069 peanut vendor preparing
  • Bal070 close up traditional statue
  • Bal071 exotic white bird
  • Bal072 man cutting grass by hand
  • Bal073 pan to Tana Lot temple
  • Bal074 Tana Lot
  • Bal075 people leaving Tana Lot
  • Bal076 Creature in traditional theatre
  • Bal077 actor in traditional theatre
  • Bal078 theatre music group
  • Bal079 creature in traditional theatre
  • Bal080 girl dance in traditional theatre

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BALI – loaded motorcycle, small frog in hand, fishermen in boat, plowing field with water buffalo, close up large python, many ducks in rice field. Ornate carved door, king cobra in attack mode, men putting chickens in truck, traditional statues, ric
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