SLAYER Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM | Music | Rock

SLAYER Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

SLAYER Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM mp3-album-00195
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SLAYER Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE)

Album Description:

HELL AWAITS is the second studio album by the American thrash metal band Slayer, released through Metal Blade Records in 1985. The band's previous release, SHOW NO MERCY, became Metal Blade Records' highest selling release. As a result, producer Brian Slagel desired to release a second Slayer album. To that end, Slagel financed a recording budget (SHOW NO MERCY was paid for by band members) and recruited several experienced producers to help in the studio. Lyrical themes on HELL AWAITS are darker than on SHOW NO MERCY and included hell and Satan. Musically, the album features the band's most progressive and diverse work compared to their previous releases. Breakneck tempos, gruesome lyrics, and proper production gave the band a punchier sound while retaining their native aggression. HELL AWAITS is the album where the band begins to sound truly sinister and evil. Dave Lombardo's famous double bass drumming strongly came into play here, further propelling the lightspeed riffing and twisted solos of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, who would help propagate a style of carpal tunnel-inducing axework for forthcoming generations of extreme metal bands. To accompany this metal maelstrom, bassist Tom Araya appropriately growled and barked out all manner of dark lyrics, exploring the mind of a serial killer ("Kill Again"), vampires (the slower, moodier "At Dawn They Sleep") and the demented lust of a "Necrophiliac." Wisely, the band knew when to mix up their tempos and keep things from sounding homogenized. Defined as "influential to future extreme metal acts," the most popular songs from HELL AWAITS were re-recorded by various underground metal bands and have appeared on several tribute albums. Musicians such as singer Phil Anselmo and drummer Gene Hoglan cite HELL AWAITS as an influence. HELL AWAITS is definitely one of the 80's high water marks for both black and thrash metal.


Inspired by success of SHOW NO MERCY, Brian Slagel hired additional producer Ron Fair, who worked for Chrysalis Records, and had seen the band perform live and enjoyed their performance. On seeing Slayer in the studio, Fair stated, "Wow, these guys are really angry," as he was inexperienced working with heavy metal musicians. Slagel financed the album, in stark contrast to SHOW NO MERCY, which was financed by singer Tom Araya, who used his earnings as a respiratory therapist, and a loan from guitarist Kerry King's father. The budget organized by Slagel allowed for professional assistance. Bernie Grundman provided audio mastering, Eddy Schreyer worked on remastering, and Bill Metoyer, who worked on the band's earlier release HAUNTING THE CHAPEL, acted as sound engineer. The recording featured audio effects such as the intro to "Hell Awaits," a reversed recording of a demonic-sounding voice repeating "Join us," ending with "Welcome back." Still, Araya later stated the album had poor production quality: "Nowadays, production-wise, it's so under par. But for what it was at the time, those are amazing records to me. I guess we could go in and redo it. But why ruin it?"

Drummer Dave Lombardo, on the other hand, asserts the album was professionally done compared to SHOW NO MERCY: "I didn’t have to overdub the cymbals, and we had a really good engineer." Lombardo's favorite song is "At Dawn They Sleep," "because it was kind of slow and grungy, but then it had that double-bass part in the middle." While recording the track, neither guitarists King or Jeff Hanneman who wrote the lyrics were in the studio — only Araya and Slagel. On reading the lyrics, which featured a misspelled word, Araya sang it as it was spelled, although it's not a real word.

Slayer: Tom Araya (vocals, bass); Jeff Hannemann (guitar); Kerry King (guitar); Dave Lombardo (drums).

Recorded at Track Record, Los Angeles, California and Eldorado, Hollywood, California.

Carolyn Collins – assistant engineer
Ron Fair – engineer
Bernie Grundman – mastering
Albert Cuellar – artwork
Bill Metoyer – engineer

Digitally remastered by Eddy Schreyer.

Produced by Brian Slagel and Slayer. 

Track Listing:

1. Hell Awaits - 6:16   
2. Kill Again - 4:56   
3. At Dawn They Sleep - 6:17   
4. Praise of Death - 5:21   
5. Necrophiliac - 3:46   
6. Crypts of Eternity - 6:40   
7. Hardening of the Arteries - 3:55  SLAYER Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM Hell Awaits (1993) (RMST) (METAL BLADE)Slayer Album Description: HELL AWAITS is the second studio album by the American thrash metal band Slayer, released through Metal Blade Record
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