THE BEATLES Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

THE BEATLES Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM mp3-album-00187
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THE BEATLES Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) 
The Beatles

Album Description:

HELP! is the fifth British and ninth American album by The Beatles, and the soundtrack from their film of the same name. Produced by George Martin for EMI''s Parlophone Records, it contains fourteen songs in its original British form, of which seven appeared in the film Help!. These songs took up the first side of the vinyl album and included the singles "Help!" and "Ticket to Ride". The second side contained seven other releases including the most covered song ever written, "Yesterday". In 2003, the album was ranked number 332 on Rolling Stone magazine''s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The album shows the Beatles'' music maturing, with an eclecticism that reached beyond the bounds of "pop" or "beat" music. The album features Paul McCartney''s "Yesterday", arranged for guitar and string quartet and recorded without the other group members. While several compositions on 1964''s BEATLES FOR SALE, as well as "I''ll Cry Instead" from A HARD DAY''S NIGHT, had leaned in a country and western direction, McCartney''s "I''ve Just Seen a Face" was almost pure country, taken at such a fast tempo that it might have been bluegrass if not for the absence of banjo and fiddle. "Ticket to Ride", also released as a single, was felt by Lennon to be "heavy" in its sound compared to the group''s previous output and daring in its reference to a boy and girl living together. McCartney called the arrangement "quite radical". George Harrison contributed "I Need You" and "You Like Me Too Much", his first compositions to be included on a Beatles album since "Don''t Bother Me", from 1963''s WITH THE BEATLES. The record contained two cover versions and a few tracks more closely related to the group''s previous pop output, yet still marked a decisive step forward towards forthcoming achievements. The record features Lennon and McCartney''s more extensive and prominent use of keyboards, previously played unobtrusively by Martin, which would alter the group''s future sound and the way they, particularly McCartney, went about the recording process. Four-track overdubbing technology encouraged this. Lennon, for his part, made much greater use of acoustic guitar, forsaking his famous Rickenbacker. All these developments can be traced on the previous BEATLES FOR SALE, but were less obvious as this had been recorded more hastily, lacked chart hits and contained many old favourite cover versions. In later years, Lennon said that the title track of the album was a sincere cry for help, as the pressures of the Beatles'' fame and his own unhappiness (what he later called his "fat Elvis" period) began to build, and that he regretted turning it from a downbeat song in the style of Roy Orbison''s "Only the Lonely" to an upbeat pop song as a result of commercial pressures.

HELP was the last Beatles album to feature a cover version (Larry Williams''s "Dizzy Miss Lizzie"), and is considered a turning point in the quality of their songwriting. John Lennon''s "You''ve Got to Hide Your Love Away" indicates the influence of Bob Dylan and includes classical flutes. McCartney''s gift for melody was obvious in "I''ve Just Seen A Face." Instrumentally, "Ticket To Ride"''s off-beat rhythm was Ringo''s masterpiece, while the string quartet on aformentioned "Yesterday" was unusual for a rock band at that time - it was the start of a stellar series of McCartney ballads with strings ("Eleanor Rigby," "She''s Leaving Home").

The Beatles: John Lennon (vocals, guitar, electric piano); Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass); George Harrison (vocals, guitar); Ringo Starr (vocals, drums).

Additional personnel: George Martin (piano).

Produced by George Martin.

Track Listing:

1. Help! [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:19 (Beatles)  
2. The Night Before [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:34 (Beatles)  
3. You''ve Got to Hide Your Love Away [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:09 (Beatles)  
4. I Need You [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:28 (Beatles)  
5. Another Girl [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:05 (Beatles)  
6. You''re Going to Lose That Girl [from the Film "Help! "] - 2:18 (Beatles)  
7. Ticket to Ride [from the Film "Help! "] - 3:09 (Beatles)  
8. Act Naturally - 2:30 (Beatles)  
9. It''s Only Love - 1:56 (Beatles)  
10. You Like Me Too Much - 2:36 (Beatles)  
11. Tell Me What You See - 2:37 (Beatles)  
12. I''ve Just Seen a Face - 2:05 (Beatles)  
13. Yesterday - 2:05 (Beatles)  
14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy - 2:58 (Beatles)
THE BEATLES Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM Help! (1965) (CAPITOL) (14 TRACKS) The Beatles Album Description: HELP! is the fifth British and ninth American album by The Beatles, and the soundtrack from their film of the same
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