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Two Days In October Audio Book

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Imagine the
following scenario: it’s ten o’clock at night; you’re flying in a private,
twin-engine airplane at a flight level of 16,000 feet, and you suddenly
experience catastrophic engine failure. Within seconds you’ve lost one of two
engines; your pilot is being directed to attempt an emergency landing in
unfamiliar terrain; and as you approach the runway, you pray the prayer of
faith, believing God to perform His Word on your behalf.



Now, imagine
living through that experience only to come face-to-face with a second engine
failure in a separate airplane eleven days later.


Not only can
Dean Sikes imagine this scenario, in his book, Two Days in October … Facing the
Unexpected, he also takes you into those airplanes, into those adverse
conditions, and offers people from all walks of life a very personal glimpse
into what it was like to twice come out of the air with a dead engine. Beyond
his testimony, Dean shares with you ten (10) Biblically-based principles that
you, too, can embrace and apply to your life when unexpected circumstances come
your way.




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