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Spring 2009 Resume Writers' Digest

Spring 2009 Resume Writers' Digest RWD-SPRING09 Free
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The Spring 2009 issue of Resume Writers Digest features a cover story detailing the results of the 2008 Resume Writers' Digest Industry survey.

Other stories include:

> Help Your Clients Avoid Employment Scams

> From the Editor: Resume Writing: A 'Recession-Proof' Industry

> Hidden Job Market Secrets: Is an Executive Talent Agent the Right Solution? (by Debra Feldman)

> Owning the "All-Important" Customer? Relationship (by Wendy Enelow)

> The Publicity Hound: On the Air: How to Create Valuable TV Coverage

> 2006-07 CDI Career Industry Mega Trends: What You and Your Clients Need to Know

> More Strategies to "Write Great? Resumes Faster"

> Marketing Your Resume Writing Business 

The 14-page issue is approximately 1MB.
The Spring 2009 issue of Resume Writers Digest features a cover story detailing the results of the 2008 Resume Writers' Digest Industry survey. Other stories include: Help Your Clients Avoid Employment Scams From the Editor: Resume Writing: A 'Reces
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