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A-Z of Vodoo and African Gods

A-Z of Vodoo and African Gods OEXP105E
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Buy and Download   > Description Marabas' concordance of Voodoo  & African Gods reveals the original     African Gods and Spirits   from which the  composite of Voodoun was   formed showing clearly the power and significance of  the Voodoun Gods to Afro-Caribeans and West Africans.  When forcibly removed from their lands and culture a successful blending of   inter-tribal gods and religion occurred  to consolidate their psychic identity, despite old tribal antagonisms.  The  result was VOODOO, the development of a universal magical technology from the  Cradle of Mankind designed to enable a   suppressed    people to cope with  a hostile environment.

This condensed guide includes the provinces and powers of the gods, their  symbols, their method of worship, their magical abilities and attributes the rites, how to conjure and communicate with them. The differences between Ackovodoun (Ancestor Worship) and Tovodoun (invocation and appeasement: of sub-human entities/spirits & demons).  Books on Voodoo have always made the system  appear complex and mystifying therefore unsuitable for solo worship.  Now Marabas' guide does the reverse and shows YOU how you can open up new vistas into the investigation and practice of Voodoun Shamanism.

Voodoo is a powerful mix of native shamanism which has suffered hundreds of years of suppression.  In the religion of Voodoo we have the vestiges of  original prehistoric shamanism.  A veritable key to the origin of magic itself.   Developed from a spiritual world-view which was dependent upon Natural Magic and a personal relationship with the Loas (gods).  Devoid of all but the most basic technology Voodoo offers a powerful doorway to directly reach the most crucial parts of the soul self.

(Over 18s Only.)  Unique, time-tested,  and only obtainable from the world renowned Sorcerer's Apprentice Esoteric Store Run by initiate Frater Marabas continuously since 1975 from 6-8 Burley Lodge Road, Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K. Tel 0113 2451309 (+44 113 2451309). www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk

Marabas' concordance of Voodoo & African Gods reveals the original African Gods and Spirits from which the composite of Voodoun was formed showing clearly the power and significance of the Voodoun Gods to Afro-Caribeans and West Africans.
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