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Healing Earth Meditation

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John of Peniel
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Healing Earth

Earth and the Maharishi Effect

In 1960, it was predicted that one percent of a population practicing
meditation with a  focused intent would produce measurable improvements
in the quality of life for the whole population. Research has shown
that when a mere 1% of a community practiced the meditation, then the
crime rate was reduced by 16% on average.  Tests showed that it has
become possible to give a prediction in advance with the police and the
Mayor of a city and then create the effect. This effect is known as the
Maharishi Effect.

John Davis' intent is to provide a venue for weekly focus on healing
the earth, using the Maharishi Effect as an inspiration.  John has
created this meditation to be used in our weekly meditation (at 9:00pm
EST, every Sunday evening), to guide us to that vision of a healthy,
prosperous, and peaceful planet. This meditation is not based in any one
school of thought and can be practiced by anyone as it is a guided
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