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Imagine Copying The Following eBay Sales Letters Word-By-Word For Your Own Products...

A sales letter that sold a car for $60,000 within 12 hours of listing it on eBay (although most  similar cars are only able to sell on eBay for less than $15,000)...

A sales letter that generated $3000 per month in passive income (this was for a small report being sold on eBay in a highly competitive niche and no special traffic generation techniques outside of eBay were used)...

A sales letter that sold plain white shirts (which cost $10 each) for $30 to over $100 each consistently on eBay (while similar shirts were able to sell for an average of $10 or less on eBay)...

A sales letter that sold sweaters (which were bought at a local department store for $20) for $40 to $80 each consistently on eBay... 

What do all the sales letters mentioned above have in common?

They were all written by an eBay Power Seller who eventually went on to win the first ever eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year award. 

The Real Reason Francis Dominated eBay...  

The real reason was, he taught himself the art of writing sales letters.

You see...

Words carry enormous power.  They can make you laugh hysterically, or destroy a relationship or friendship.  Words have more power in them than any other tool at your disposal.


Effective use of words, especially in business, means skyrocketing sales, satisfied clients, happy employees, and a profitable and secure future. 


The power of words can be learned and used effectively by anyone, and when this power is harnessed there’s nothing on this earth that can stop you.  It makes or breaks your sales and advertising material.


"Bend The Human Mind To Your Will With These Seductive Auction Ads"

There are a total of 17 sales letters in this package, which consist of:

- -- -7 sales letters for info products (3 of which are eBay Classified Ads)

- -- -1 sales letter for a car

- -- -1 sales letter for a shirt

- -- -1 sales letter for a sweater

- -- -1 sales letter for a pair of jeans

- -- -1 sales letter for an event ticket

- -- -1 sales letter for a collectible

- -- -1 sales letter for a women's track suit

- -- -1 sales letter for a pair of sunglasses

- -- -1 sales letter for a pair of shoes

- -- -1 sales letter for a guide book


Why This Could Be One Of The Most Important Investments You Will Make

A great sales letter could make the difference between you retiring wealthy and failing in business.

Writing winning sales letters is one of the toughest things to do in direct marketing. 

That is why business owners are willing to pay $5000 to over $25,000 for professional copywriters to write sales letters for them. 

And if you wanted to learn how to write a winning sales letter, you can read all the books about copywriting, but you just won't get it until you study results-proven sales letters and start writing some of your own.

Now, (for only $27.00) you'll be able to plug in your sales message in these sales letters Francis has written for various products...

What You Can Do With These Sales Letters

You can:

- -- -Legally plagiarize and use for your own business...

- -- -Study (studying winning sales letters is an excellent education in direct marketing)...

About Francis Ochoco

A recipient of the first ever eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, Francis has been featured on TV, and newspaper and magazine articles sharing his success story. 

Francis is well known among the eBay community for the speed in which he built a successful eBay business, and is now teaching people how to duplicate his success.

He has the uncanny ability to sell items at prices over 100% higher than that of competitors selling the exact same items...  consistently
HTML clipboardImagine Copying The Following eBay Sales Letters Word-By-Word For Your Own Products... A sales letter that sold a car for $60,000 within 12 hours of listing it on eBay (although most similar cars are only able to sell
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