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TIME CLOCK software, In Excel & Access.

TIME CLOCK software, In Excel & Access. PLDZ-2
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Robert Texas Bailey (Tex)
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    Touch Screen TIME CLOCK software, in Excel, Access-> 2010 Professional plus. Copyrights all rights reserved.

   This is for a new Touch Screen Computer (hasn''''t been exposed to viruses) & stand alone system(not connected to internet)  that has 2010 Professional plus software with Excel and Access. Then download this Excel file on a SanDisk, then connect the SanDisk to stand alone New system with 2010 Professional plus, then link 2 sheet of Excel to Access, click box, top row as headings.

  Now the reason you want a stand alone new system is after you down load Excel to make buttons work, click on Enable Digital Signed Macros, if that doesn''''t work, you may have to just click on Enable Macros, which is a security risk unless  it is a stand alone new system.

    So you have the Down loaded Excel screen with Time Clock buttons. Click on View at top of browser then click on Full Screen. To restore browser click on corner (where File should be), then restore.

  The Touch Screen needs to be adjusted, oversize by a technician so "X" close screen and "-" minimize can''''t be viewed(so no one can close screen & can only use time clock buttons).

  Now you need to put Names and Passwords into time clock and give each person the password for their name.

  Connect mouse and keyboard and go to A100 and put first Name, then put first password number for that name in B100, second password number in C100 and third password number in D100. For next name, A101, you can keep going with Names to..A150 and there passwords beside, like first Name.

  Disconnect Mouse and KeyBoard and give people there passwords and only Time Clock Touch Screen Buttons can be pressed. 

Touch Screen TIME CLOCK software, in Excel, Access- 2010 Professional plus. Copyrights all rights reserved. This is for a new Touch Screen Computer (hasn''''t been exposed to viruses) & stand alone system(not connected to internet) that has 2010
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