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Blender Basics 4

Blender Basics 4 BB4
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Blender Video Tutorial: Blender Basics 4

Cloth Physics
Force Fields
Fur Particles
Compositing Nodes
Render Layers
Approximate Ambient Occlusion 
Subsurface Scattering
UV Mapping
Appending Actions and Objects
Linking Between Scenes
Shrinkwrap Mesh Modifier
Childof Object Constraint

Plus using the Action Editor
NLA Editor, working with multiple 
scenes, blend textures, and much more!

As always, the tutorial includes 
example models to work with.
Blender Video Tutorial: Blender Basics 4 Cloth PhysicsForce FieldsFur ParticlesSequencerCompositing NodesRender LayersApproximate Ambient Occlusion Subsurface ScatteringUV MappingAppending Actions and ObjectsLinking Between ScenesShrinkwrap Mesh Mod
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