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POLICE PISTOLCRAFT: The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training  is a ground-breaking firearms instructor's training manual that has been hailed as a seminal work that will help to revolutionize the way professional police officers train with their handguns.

In this book, veteran police officer and award-winning police firearms instructor Mike Conti presents a detailed explanation and analysis of The New Paradigm Police Firearms Training Program he developed while serving as the Director of the Massachusetts State Police Firearms Training Unit. 

The New Paradigm program is designed to help ensure that our police officers are as well prepared as possible- -mentally, physically, and emotionally- -to employ their duty pistols safely, efficiently, and effectively when the need arises.

In POLICE PISTOLCRAFT you will learn:

- Why the majority of police firearms training programs in use today do not satisfy the legal, moral, and ethical requirements that the courts have identified and professionalism demands.

- How the successful "New Paradigm" Police Firearms Training Program was developed and implemented specifically to satisfy these requirements as well as ensure the greatest chances of officer survival.

- About the unique experiment that produced the program as well as detailed information documenting the positive results seen to date.

- How to easily create a New Paradigm-based firearms training program for your own department, agency, or unit. 


What the experts think of POLICE PISTOLCRAFT:


"This is a brilliant, seminal, ground-breaking work... Mike Conti's scientific analysis and application of his many years of observations and training in the "House of Horrors" are simply brilliant. His assessment of the "puppy" or unconscious mind, and the application of operant and classical conditioning in firearms training represent the best writing and thinking that I have ever seen on the subject." - Lt. Col. Dave Grossman


"I believe POLICE PISTOLCRAFT should be required reading for every law enforcement firearms instructor in the United States. I also believe that the training program described within it should be adopted by every law enforcement agency in the country. This book is right on the mark." - Jim Cirillo


"Every Instructor of every skill taught in training academies should read this book." - Alexis Artwohl, PH.D.


"A seminal book that will be a cornerstone of a revolution in professional police firearms training." - Police Officers Safety Association Journal


"POLICE PISTOLCRAFT will have a dramatic effect on how officers are trained in the future." - The Police Marksman Magazine


"Future police firearms instructors will speak of this work in the same way that current trainers speak of the works of Jordan, Cooper, Applegate and Farnam." - The ILEETA Review


 Specifications: Hi-Resolution PDF, 86.6 MB, 360 information-filled pages, over 250 photos and illustrations! ISBN: 978-0-9772659-3-0

POLICE PISTOLCRAFT: The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training is a ground-breaking firearms instructor's training manual that has been hailed as a seminal work that will help to revolutionize the way professional police officers tra
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