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Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4

Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 encyclopedia part 4
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Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now released







We just released the Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now.  We have have compiled a tremendous list of 84 basketball coaching notes on offense.  I think that you are going to enjoy all the different basketball coaching notes. 


As a bonus, I have assembled all the 71 Chalkboard diagrams from our website and included the eBook: "Dribble Drive Motion Offense: The book on DDM" for free.




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List of Basketball Coaching Notes:


2009 Power Clinic Notes

2009 BCAM Clinic Notes

4 Man Flex Offense

Al Skinner: Boston College Flex Offense

Bill McCullen: Dewitt Program Notes

Denny Kuiper: Program Notes

Jeff Walz: Louisville Notes

Jim Boylen: Transition Offense

John Beilein: Attacking Pressure Defenses

Keno Davis: Offensive Concepts

Matt Painter: Purdue Basketball Notes

Mike Anderson: Offensive Material

Randy Bennett: St. Mary’s Program Notes

Bill Self: Ball Screen Offense

Billy Donovan: 10 aggressive transition and conditioning drills

Bob Huggins: BCAM 2009 Notes

Bozidar Malikovic: Zone Offense

Bruce Pearl / Pat Summitt 2009 Clinic Notes

Bruce Weber: Attacking Gimmick defenses and special situations

Carlo Recalcati: Man Offense

Chase DDM Spread Offense

Chris Finch: Great Britan Motion Offense and how we teach it

Chris Finch: Transition Game and how we teach it

Clinic to end all Clinics 2009

Dana Altman: Biloxi Coaching Clinic 2003

Dave Bliss: 4 man flex offense and quick hitters package

Dave Paulsen: Motion Offense for Beginners

Del Harris: Coaching Bullets to Consider

DeMatha Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes 2009

Don Meyer: Nike Las Vegas 2009

Eric Musselman: 37 essential skills

Eric Musselman: Twirl C series offense

Ettore Messina and AITO GARCIA RENESES: Philosophy

Ettrore Messina Man Offense and Defense Belgrade 2004

Florida Self Improvement Clinic 2009 Notes

GAHR Clinic 2009: Ben Howland, Johnny Dawkins, and etc.

Garden State Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Greg McDermott: Iowa State Set Play Offense

Gregg Popovich: Belgrade 2004 Clinic

Harry Perretta: Spread Offense

Harry Perretta: Villanova Program Offense Notes

Harry Perretta: Villanova Spread Offense

Hubie Brown: Coaching clinic

Jeff Bzdelik: Colorado Buffaloes Practice Plan

Jeff Van Gundy: Coaching Clinic Notes

Jerry Petitgoue: 20 Set Plays

Jerry Petitgoue: Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Jim Boylen: BCAM 2009 Notes

Joe Mihalich: Inbounds and Specials

John Beilein: BCAM 2009 Notes

John Calipari: Coaching and Inspiring Athletes Notes

John Calipari: Kentucky DDM Notes

John Carroll Women’s OB Sets

John Hedstrom: Dribble Drive Motion Offense clinic

Kevin O’Neill: Northwestern Offense

Lawrence Frank: NJ Nets Practice

Leon Rice: 12 quick hitters for Flex Offense

Lithuania 2008 Basketball Coaching Clinic

Mark Few: Offensive Concepts

Mark Turgeon: Texas AM Practice Plan

Matt Painter: BCAM 2009 Notes

Mike Anderson: BCAM 2009 Notes

Mike Brey: Notre Dame Motion Offense

Mike Rudd: Continuity Inside Game

Morgan Wooten: Coaching to win in Special Situations

New Jersey Nets Practice Plan

Nike Clinic: Maine West 2009 Notes

ONU Offensive Attack: Doug Porter

Pete Carril: Princeton Chin Series

Pete Gillen: Four Keys to Scouting an Opponent

Phil Beckner: 100 things I’ve seen coaching at the college level

Rick Torbett: Read and React Offense

Roy Williams: Coaching Clinic

Roy Williams: UNC offensive Clinic

Roy Williams: UNC Post Clinic

Salesian Basketball Coaching Clinic 2009

Steve Nash Shooting Workout

Steve Smith: Conditioning drills with basketball 2009

Ted Rodopoulos: Zone Offense

The System

Tim Floyd: Playbook

Tod Kolwalczyk: 1-4 zone offense

Understanding the ONU Run and Gun System

Vance Walberg: UMASS Dribble Drive Atack Clinic 2009

I think that you will enjoy this eBook package and you should be able to find a new "wrinkle" for the playoffs to get you over the "hump".

Coach Peterman
Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now released Coaches, We just released the Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now. We have have compiled a tremendous list of 84 basketball coaching notes on offense. I thi
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