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Basics of Flash Lite

Basics of Flash Lite BFL
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  What is Taught in this Basics of Flash Lite Video Tutorial...

Introduction to Flash Lite and Adobe Device Central
Flash Lite Navigation and Buttons
Changing the Focus Rectangle Color
Key Listener Events for detecting the phone keypad, softkeys, or numeral keys
Static, Input or Dynamic text for Flash Lite
Programming Scrolling Text Boxes
Common FSCommand2 script.
Getting Phone Info
Thumbnail Galleries in Flash Lite
getURL for Connecting to
Websites or Image Downloads.
getURL for Sending SMS, MMS, Mail or Dialing a Number
Dynamically Loading Text or Images from a website.
And Tips on Mobile DevelopmentBest Practices

Everything taught will work with Flash Lite 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 & 3.0
About Flash Lite and This Tutorial....  Using Flash CS3 Professional or Flash 8 Professional, you can publish content for Flash Lite 1, 2, or 3, which can be transferred to a mobile phone as a standalone application, wallpaper, screensaver or viewed online if the phone can run Flash Lite player within it's web browser. Currently the most common use of Flash Lite is as a standalone application on the mobile device. This means your published .swf file would ultimately get transferred to phone either by web download or by connecting the phone to a computer via bluetooth or cable. Each phone might have a different way of transferring files to it but testing your finished .swf on the actual device is not necessary for this tutorial. Flash CS3 Professional includes Adobe's Device Central which emulates hundreds of phones to test on. Flash Professional 8 also has an emulator but not as refined. It is beyond the scope of this lesson, or any Flash tutorial, to include instructions for transferring the .swf to every possible cell phone. So if you are interested in testing the final .swf on your own phone you'll need to consult your phone's included documentation for transferring files to it. 
What is Taught in this Basics of Flash Lite Video Tutorial...Introduction to Flash Lite and Adobe Device CentralFlash Lite Navigation and ButtonsChanging the Focus Rectangle ColorKey Listener Events for detecting the phone keypad, softkeys, or numera
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