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Logic Pro Essentials (35-Part Course)

Logic Pro Essentials (35-Part Course) PLDZ-181
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Logic Pro Essentials Course (#1-35)


Learn the Most Essential Features in Logic Pro!
- 35-Part Comprehensive Logic Pro Course
- 11+ Hours of Content, 4K UHD Digital Download
- Demo Projects Included + Bonus Mix Project Included
- Includes Videos 1-35 from The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro
- No Sponsored Ads or YouTube Ads
- Designed & Hosted by Joshua Carney (a.k.a. MusicTechHelpGuy)
- Content for Logic Pro 10.5 and Higher (10.7.5 or Higher Recommended)

Course Outline

  1. Logic Installation, Relocate Sound Library, Enable Complete Features

  2. Audio Interface Setup, I/O Buffer & Latency

  3. User Interface, Zoom Controls, Tracks & Regions

  4. Transport, Playback Controls, Cycle Range, Locators & Display Controls

  5. Saving Projects, Project Packages vs. Folders

  6. Grid Values, Grid Snap, Absolute vs. Relative Grid

  7. Make Music with Loops!

  8. MIDI Fundamentals & Software Instruments

  9. MIDI Quantization, Q Values & Input Quantize

  10. Piano Roll Editor & MIDI Edit Tools

  11. Step Sequencer, Beat Making & Drum Machine Designer

  12. Step Sequencer & Pitched Instruments (Bass, Chords, Leads)

  13. Recording Audio with a Microphone

  14. Take Folders & Quick Swipe Comping

  15. Drummer & Drum Kit Designer

  16. Electric Guitar, Amp Designer & Guitar Recording

  17. Electric Bass & Bass Amp Designer

  18. Loop/Cycle Recording

  19. Markers, Arrangement Markers & Arrangement Techniques

  20. Pointer & Marquee Tools, Accessing Edit Tools

  21. Additional Edit Tools: Scissors, Fades, Batch Fades, Gain Tool & Others

  22. Click Zones: Fade, Marquee, Quick Swipe Comping

  23. Join Per Track, Join & Bounce In Place

  24. Drag Modes (X-Fade, Overlap/No Overlap Regions, Shuffle Editing)

  25. Mixer Overview & Channel Strip Components

  26. Channel EQ

  27. Compressor (Compression Explained)

  28. Sends & Time-Based Effects

  29. Track Stacks & Bus Processing

  30. Automation (Volume, Pan, Aux Tracks, Sends, Plugins, Instrument Parameters)

  31. Realtime Automation Modes, Controller Assignments, Automation Quick Access

  32. Stereo Output, Loudness Meter, Adaptive Limiter

  33. Bounce Your Project, Bounce Range, Bounce Settings & Dithering

  34. Export Multitracks & Stems

  35. Logic Remote (Turn Your iPad into a Control Surface!)

Logic Pro Essentials Course (#1-35) EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED IN LOGIC PRO! Learn the Most Essential Features in Logic Pro!- 35-Part Comprehensive Logic Pro Course- 11+ Hours of Content, 4K UHD Digital Download- Demo Projects Inclu
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