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4 Petal Side Plane Inspin Flower Course

4 Petal Side Plane Inspin Flower Course 4PetalSideInspinCourse
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This course offers a 25% discount on the 4 lesson bundle covering side plane inspin 4 petal flowers. To preview the course content, view the individual One Minute Previews for each lesson here:

This material is yours to download and keep for life and contains 107+ minutes of video containing step by step poi instruction for learning the 4 poi flowers covering -- for each flower -- the following material:

  • Poilates drills introductionexplanation, demonstration and tips
  • Poilates drill repetitions
  • Placement drills introduction, explanation, demonstration and tips
  • Left hand placement drills
  • Right hand placement drills
  • Both hands placement drills 
  • Putting it together introductionexplanation, demonstration and tips
  • Putting it together repetitions
  • Trouble shooting tips

Each lesson includes drill videos cutting out all the tips, tricks, introductions, corrections and demonstrations to concentrate the repetitions continuously to maximize efficiency while learning and also includes a manual which contains a video index outlining the time code for the specific material covered  to allow artists easier and more efficient access to the portion of instruction most relevant to them at any particular time. 

Who can Benefit?

  • This course is designed for artists who have held poi and can consistently spin circles on the side of the body at an even tempo who are looking to expand their repertoire into poi flowers.
  • No experience with poi flowers is necessary.
  • This lesson requires artists have their own poi which can be made from house hold objects such a dry beans in socks. More details can be found in the article, 6 Ways to Make Poi from Household Objects.

Where to Practice?

  • Students will need enough space to swing their arms with the arm fully extended and the poi in their hand without hitting anything while doing as large a circle as possible. On average, an 8 foot square space works, with a ceiling height of something over 10 feet usually being sufficient, depending on poi length, artist height, and artist reach.
  • While students can use mirrors for practice which can help them assess the accuracy of their planes, placement, timing and more, mirrors can also be a distraction. For a true measure of execution without distraction, artist are encouraged to video record their practice and review the video.
  • Poi is an extremely portable art form. As such, while serious artists are encouraged to make a practice space in their home, they are also encouraged to bring their poi with them and practice in other locations like parks, while waiting for public transit, at events like back yard parties, or even as a healthy break during the work day to get blood flowing and energize the artist.
  • If artists are looking to drill movements and ensure they have straight planes, an empty wall with nothing hanging on it can be used as a referencewith artists standing as close to the wall as possible, trying to keep the plane parallel to and near the wall to assess their technique.

How to Learn?

  • Students are encouraged to repeat the drills as many times, as necessary to acquire the competence with each technique so as to execute, the moves fluidly.
  • When in doubt, film what you’re doing and then compare the video of your movements to the video of the instructor to see if you’re doing the same thing in the same direction.
  • When performing and thus filming, the plane of the poi should be perpendicular to the line of sight of the camera for highest impact of the flower.

Note: Each video comes in both .mov and .mp4 format as Windows machines have struggled to read the .mov files though surprisingly, the .mov is smaller in size.

This course offers a 25% discount on the 4 lesson bundle covering side plane inspin 4 petal flowers. To preview the course content, view the individual One Minute Previews for each lesson here: Overhand 4 Petal Inspin Side Plane Flower Lesson here
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