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CCMH 551 Wk 6 - Concept Check

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CCMH 551 Wk 6 - Concept Check

  1. Question 1


Counseling behaviors that build the therapeutic relationship include:


active listening skills

attending skills

reflections of content and feeling

all of the above

none of the above

  1. Question 2

SMART goals include:

specific, measurable actions the client can take

records of times when the client did not meet their goal

evaluations of the client’s identity

responses to common questions the client has

  1. Question 3


What are goals used for in counseling?


To demonstrate to supervisors that counselors know what they are doing

To provide exceptions to confidentiality

To evaluate the client’s progress in counseling

To communicate to insurance companies that the counselor is competent

  1. Question 4

Confidentiality in telemental health counseling can be breached when one of the following happens:


The client indicates that they have plans to end the session early

The client unexpectedly hangs up


Another individual enters the room with the client and demands to know what is being discussed

The counselor learns that the client has been physically abusing their child after sessions

  1. Question 5


Antony is a counselor at ABC Counseling Clinic. Over the past few months his case load has increased by 50%, and he has begun seeing clients who have witnessed traumatic deaths of loved ones. His coworkers report that he is easily startled, irritable, and often late for work. They have started scheduling his first session an hour after he is scheduled to work due to his frequent tardiness. Antony told his supervisor that he dreads meeting with some of his clients. Antony is most likely experiencing:


vicarious trauma or burnout

lack of sleep

a change in his living situation

conflict with a coworker



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