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CCMH 551 Wk 2 - Concept Check

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CCMH 551 Wk 2 - Concept Check

  1. Question 1

What is the reason for discussions of race, ethnicity, and culture during the intake session? Select all that apply.

To create barriers to establishing the therapeutic alliance

To emphasize similarities between the counselor and client

To investigate value differences between the counselor and the client to inform the counselor regarding possible referrals

To help the counselor understand how the client’s identity and presenting concerns have been impacted

To acknowledge differences in the counseling relationship and improves understanding and decision-making

  1. Question 2

Which of these statements would not be part of the informed consent for counselors?

There are limitations to confidentiality. When you are a threat to yourself, a threat to someone else, disclose abuse of a child, elderly person, or someone with a disability, or I receive a court order for your records, what you share will no longer be confidential.

Your confidentiality is essential to me; therefore, I will not disclose any information shared with me unless it falls within one of the limits of confidentiality.

Once I receive a release of information, I can disclose anything from our sessions to anyone.

Confidentiality in session is important. I will not disclose what you say in session unless you disclose you are a danger to yourself, you plan to hurt someone else, or if the person paying for your sessions requests information.

  1. Case Study: Janae enters her initial session with you with tightly clasped hands. She appears neatly dressed, physically healthy, and seems to comprehend your questions. Her head is turned down to look at the floor for the first half of your intake interview. She answers questions with short responses, rarely providing much detail even when prompted. You notice she is wringing her hands during the session. She states that she experiences physical discomfort when going to work. Her boss holds high expectations and criticizes her work. Her colleagues often blame her when mistakes are made even if they are not her fault.
  2. Question 3


Based on the case study, Janae’s Mental Status Exam may indicate:


Janae is not oriented to time and place. She does not understand where she is.

Janae’s behavior indicates she is anxious and possible depressed mood.

Janae’s speech indicates English is not her first language.

Janae’s family is a source of her stress.

  1. Question 4


Based on the case study, additional information you may want to gather from Janae include:


Medical history

Family background

Duration of presenting concern

None of the above

All of the above

  1. Question 5

Based on the case study, which of the follow would a clinician not be able to make observations on about Janae?




Abstract reasoning

General behavior


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