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Consecration Revival Vol. III

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Consecration Revival, Vol. III by Various Artists (Bongo Boy Records) Release Date: 03.18.22  UPC655469736894
1. Take Me To Church – Kate Magdalena 3:23
2. One Family – Ann M. Wolf 3:50
3. Thank You Lord – J. Howard Duff 2:55
4. Parallel Lifetimes – Kate Magdalena 3:42
5. Before I Take My Rest – Blind Lemon Pledge 3:05
6. Show God Spirit - Sheba The Mississippi Queen 3:40
7. Long Distance Call from Earth to Heaven - Bob Shaw 3:17
8. I Am Victorious – Dale Mitchel 4:26
9. We Worship The King of Kings – Bible Belt Blues 3:25
10. Streets Of Any Town – Kate Magdalena 5:09
11. I Celebrate You Endlessly – Dale Mitchel 2:56
12. Were You There? – Ann M. Wolf 3:46
13. The Only Way To Heaven – Bible Belt Blues 4:22
14. A Love Song To God – Sheba The Mississippi Queen 4:07
15. Little Black Train – Blind Lemon Pledge 2:39
16. Battle Hymn of The Republic – Kate Magdalena 4:30
Consecration Revival is the most popular Christian Music series by Various Artists out there on Bongo Boy Records. This Volume III includes 16 tracks, of which 2 are wonderful songs are out of Public Domain - "Were You There?" by Anne M. Wolf and "Battle Hymn of The Republic" by Kate Magdalena. There are also featured 2 cover songs of which one is a beautiful rendition of "Take Me To Church" (Sinead O'Connor) recorded by Kate Magdalena, and "Before I Take My Rest" covered by Blind Lemon Pledge. Plus 12 original recorded songs by Award Winning recording artists which all together complete Volume III of the Consecration Revival series releases.
Bongo Boy Records dedicates this album to honor the extraordinary musical legacy of Kate Magdalena (1959-2022). May her music continue to impact a new generation of listeners around the world through her affiliation with Bongo Boy Records. We will miss Kate Magdalena dearly and relive her spirit by listening to her songs featured on this album.
Artwork: by Monique Grimme. Album Cover
Photos were taken on location at Bongo Boy Records office in Warren County, New Jersey.
Consecration Revival, Vol. III by Various Artists (Bongo Boy Records) Release Date: 03.18.22 UPC655469736894 1. Take Me To Church – Kate Magdalena 3:23 2. One Family – Ann M. Wolf 3:50 3. Thank You Lord – J. Howard Duff 2:55
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