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The Mystery of the Kingdom is a verse-by-verse exposition of what Jesus Himself identified as "The Paramount Parable" — The Parable of the Sower. 

Unpacked as it is by the author, this book is a virtual "Christianity 101," in that it puts the entire "big picture" of the Christian experience and life into proper perspective, unveils many insights into the how the Kingdom of God operates on Earth, and answers many common questions regarding God and the Kingdom of God. Its subtitle, Bearing Kingdom Fruit, reflects the book’s and the Parable's ultimate message. The medium through which that message is conveyed — The Parable of the Sower — is what Jesus himself indicated is the most important of all his Parables. In it, he delineates the four categories of hearers of the Word of God. 

According to the Parable, everyone who has ever heard the Word of God falls into one of these four categories, and thereby chooses their own future and eternal destiny. Dr. Lambert unveils in the volume the four-step path of progressive spiritual growth revealed in this "dark saying" (parable) of the Master. The most profound and intriguing "hidden pearl" inherent in the rich and ingenious Parable, however, is the spiritually appraised "secret" of how the entire Kingdom of God operates and how every believer can bear Kingdom fruit in his/her own life. 

And, indeed, as of scripture is that bearing Kingdom fruit is by no means optional, but rather absolutely imperative. 

Why do bad things happen to "good" people? 

"If there is a God who loves us so much, why does He allow such evil and adverse things to happen and continue to exist in the world?" 


  • Who is the true author of evil and adversity in the world? 
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world and even for Christians? 
  • When Christians experience adversity does it mean they are doing something wrong or that it is happening because they are sinners?
  • Is adversity a sign of sin and judgment from God?
  • Is there really a real, live devil?
  • If Satan exists, should Christians just ignore him and act as if he doesn't exist?
  • Didn't Jesus "defeat" the devil? If so, why is "spiritual warfare" really necessary?
  • Is a Christian's salvation "eternally secure", or can he/she fall away and lose his/her salvation?
  • What is Kingdom fruit and how does one produce it in their own life?
  • How important is it to bear Kingdom fruit?
  • What is the consequence if we don't?

These are all questions commonly asked by believers and unbelievers alike. The Mystery of the Kingdom offers definitive and straightforward answers to all these age-old questions, right out of the Word of God. By demystifying many of the conundrums of life, The Mystery of the Kingdom, will bring you new inward peace, rest, and faith, and in the process quench the psychological and emotional "fiery darts" with which the evil one assails all believers. It will also arm you with added "ammunition" for quelling the sometimes hostile questionings and criticisms of the unbelieving.

Regardless of how long you've been a believer, you are guaranteed to gain new insights from this book that will have a powerful and enduring impact upon your life! Those who have known the Lord for a while will also be reminded of many vital concepts and precepts concerning the Kingdom of God and our heavenly father's gracious and exceeding love for us.

The inspiring and empowering message unfurled upon The Mystery of the Kingdom is a tremendous evangelizing source. Once you've listened and experienced it for yourself, you will then be impelled or even compelled to sow it into the lives of loved ones and those you are praying for will receive the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives.

I really hope you'll listen to this book, and recommend it to everyone you know. Afterall, at bottom, it's message is all about every person's eternal destiny and destination! What could be more vital than that?

The Mystery of the Kingdom is a verse-by-verse exposition of what Jesus Himself identified as "The Paramount Parable" — The Parable of the Sower. Unpacked as it is by the author, this book is a virtual "Christianity 101," in that it puts the
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