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CJS 255 Wk 2 - Concept Check

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CJS 255 Wk 2 - Concept Check 

  1. Question 1


A special closed-custody unit was designed at ______ to house the BOP’s worst inmates.

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Pelican Bay

USP Marion

USP Florence

Sing Sing

  1. Question 2


______ are underpaid in relation to other law enforcement officers.

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State police troopers

County correctional officers

County sheriff’s deputies

State appointed lawyers

  1. Question 3


Which is not a component of perimeter security?

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alarm systems

touch control panels

razor wire

  1. Question 4


The first true federal ______ facility was built in Florence, Colorado.

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  1. Question 5


In the United States, the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” creates many problems for local jails. Which portion of the jail population is in direct conflict with the presumption of innocence?

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persons awaiting transfer to state correctional facilities

individuals being held for military tribunal

inmates awaiting transfer to another federal correctional facility

pretrial detainees


  1. Question 6


Which style of prison has linear cell blocks interconnected around a central enclosed space?

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campus style

courtyard style

telephone style

cluster style

  1. Question 7


This security facility design is in many respects, not even prisons as envisioned by most of the public.

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minimum-security facility design

direct supervision design

maximum-security design

medium-security facility design

  1. Question 8


This design intends to allow the staff to supervise the inmate population while negating the ability of predatory inmates to control a cell block or dormitory.

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indirect-supervision jails

sharp-supervision jails

solitary confinement jails

direct-supervision jails


  1. Question 9


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), ______ are defined as “locally-operated correctional facilities that confine persons before or after adjudication. Inmates who are incarcerated have a sentence of a year or less, but the facility also incarcerates people in a wide variety of other categories.”

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day reporting centers



mental institutions

  1. Question 10


Individuals cycling in and out of the facility, large number of persons with mental disturbances, and homeless inmate are issues commonly facing ______.

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rural prisons

metropolitan jails

rural jails

parole boards

  1. Question 11


The use and operation of jail facilities can be traced back to ______.

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  1. Question 12


A prison’s _____ security system is, ideally, a collection of components or elements that, when assembled in a carefully formulated configuration, achieve the objective of confinement with a high degree of confidence.

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