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MGT 312T Wk 5 - Practice: Week 5 Knowledge Check

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MGT 312T Wk 5 - Practice: Week 5 Knowledge Check

The career functions of the mentoring process that enhance career development include


In the encounter phase of organizational socialization,


If there is a lack of information or inaccurate information about the change, management should adopt an education and communication approach to managing resistance to change.


Organizational culture is not statistically related to any measures of organizational effectiveness.


Which of the following is not one of the career functions of mentoring?


In Kotter’s step of creating the guiding coalition, managers



The participation and involvement approach to overcoming resistance to change should be used when


_________ is a stress reduction technique that is expensive because it requires a trained psychologist or counselor.


A(n) _______ culture encourages being adaptable, creative, and fast to respond to changes in the marketplace.


_______ are specific behaviors used to deal with a stressful situation.


What cultural types represent competing values?



A clan culture has an internal focus and values stability and control.


Artifacts include an organization’s acronyms, manner of dress, and myths and stories told about the organization.


There are three types of change: upward, downward, and lateral.


Which type(s) of organizational culture has (have) been shown by research to be most strongly related to subjective innovation?


Organizational climate is defined as the set of shared, taken-for-granted, implicit assumptions that a group holds and that determines how it perceives, thinks about, and reacts to its various environments.


Mission statements represent the reason that an organization exists.

The two dimensions of the competing values framework are


The two general functions of mentoring are internal and external.


According to research, organizational commitment is lower in market cultures than in clan cultures.

Which of the following is not an underlying assumption of Lewin’s model?


Meditation is an approach to stress reduction that involves redirecting thoughts away from self, following a structured procedure.


Secondary appraisals are perceptions of how you are able to deal or cope with a given demand.



Which of the following mechanisms for changing organizational culture addresses all three levels of culture?


External forces for change include demographic changes in the organization’s workforce.


ABC Company states, “We put the smiles on kids’ faces.” This is its


The complete absence of stress is death.


The four phases of mentoring are initiation, cultivation, socialization, and definition.

The socialization tactic that ranges from a newcomer being socialized over time with the help of an experienced member, to the newcomer not being provided with a role model, is


In the change and acquisition phase of organizational socialization, the newcomer’s values, skills, and attitudes start to shift as the new recruit discovers what the organization is truly like.


When implementing cultural change through the use of organizational activities, processes, or outcomes, a leader is operating at the level of espoused values.


One of the important functions of organizational culture is to facilitate collective commitment.


Resistance to change is caused solely by irrational and stubborn recipients of change.


Which of the following is not a characteristic of a change agent that would cause resistance to change?


An example of social and political pressures for change is


A ________ outlines an organization’s long-term direction and the actions necessary to achieve the planned results.


The first step of Kotter’s change model is to establish a sense of urgency.


The levels of organizational culture are


________ change is the most complex, costly, and uncertain of changes.






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