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MGT 312T Wk 4 - Apply: Effective Groups and Teams

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MGT 312T Wk 4 - Apply: Effective Groups and Teams

Linking Influence Tactics with Outcome


Influence tactics are used in order to attempt to affect and change behaviors of others. This activity is important because, as a future manager and OB practitioner, you must have a good understanding of these tactics in order to strengthen your chances of success.


The goal of this activity is for you to link different influence tactics with various outcomes of the influence process.


Read each description. Match the outcomes with the best-fitting descriptions. Pay close attention—some descriptions might fit more than one outcome, but there is only one way they all combine to be correct.

  1. Building commitment


  1. Short-lived impacts


  1. Persuasion


  1. Accept change


  1. Long-term impacts


  1. Commitment




A large measure of interpersonal interaction involves attempts to influence others, including parents, bosses, coworkers, spouses, children, teachers, friends, and customers. Researchers developed a useful body of research that generated nine influence tactics. This activity is important because managers need to understand both how they influence and are influenced by others.


The goal of this activity is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the nine influence tactics.


Read each description. Match the influence tactics with the corresponding descriptions.

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Empowering a Team of Your Peers1


In general, exceptional performers will find themselves promoted to higher positions; these promotions generally mean that individuals will now also be supervising former peers. This activity is important because in the process of embracing a position of power, new managers also need to learn how to empower their former peers.


The goal of this activity is to show how part of being an effective manager is empowering your peers.


Read the case about Jennifer’s promotion to supervisor. Then, using the 3-step problem-solving approach, answer the questions that follow.


Jennifer was a highly regarded and top-performing marketing associate at an international pharmaceutical company. Due to her exceptional performance and other skills and abilities, she was promoted to manager. This transition meant she was now the supervisor of her former peers.


Her first assignment was a new product to be launched in a foreign market. To formulate and ultimately execute a successful product launch, Jennifer and her team would need to gather market data, learn and share information about the competition, analyze financial details, coordinate with other product managers, hire and work with an advertising agency, and secure regulatory approval.


Jennifer had personal experience and success doing most of these things, but now she had to do them on a much larger scale and in the context of a team she managed. Being a high performer, she was determined to get all the details right. Therefore, when any element was late, done poorly, or just not up to her expectations, she stepped in and did it herself. Her work life quickly expanded to 15-hour days and weekends.


Jennifer’s involvement in so many aspects of the product launch prevented her from mentoring and developing her team members in the ways they clearly needed. They seemed to lack a sense of accountability, knowing that if their work wasn’t up to speed the boss would step in and complete or correct it. Jennifer noticed this and feared her team was not learning to produce high-quality work on its own. Not only would this hurt the current project, but other departments and teams would come to know it and be less willing to work with them in the future, damaging Jennifer’s own performance and interests and those of her team.


Jennifer was extremely reluctant to go to her boss for help, because she had been told she’d earned her new position, and it was a test for another role with still greater responsibility.


Assuming you are Jennifer, what would you do?


 Jennifer is confronted with low team performance; which of the following would you recommend to overcome this problem?

Multiple Choice

  •      Have a better work-life balance
  •      Build a coalition
  •      Consult with her boss about what to do
  •      Utilize self-promotion
  •      Implement psychological empowerment
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