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HRM 326T Wk 5 - Apply: Assignment

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HRM 326T Wk 5 - Apply: Assignment

Complete the Week 5 Apply Assignment in MyEducator.

The training and development office at Avondale Industries planned their yearly schedule of trainings in October. Because the different sites were extremely busy at this time of the year, the training topics were selected by site HR managers. Over the course of the next year, feedback on training was quite negative and transfer of new learning back to the job was poor. Which of the following statements best explains why the training and development office saw such poor results?


The training programs offered were topics that had been covered previously, and so the supervisors did not feel it necessary to take their employees away from their jobs.

Because the HR site managers selected the topics and did not consult the supervisors, they did not feel it was necessary to send their employees to the training programs.

Not involving supervisors and employees about what type of training was needed resulted in the wrong type of training being offered and low motivation to participate.


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Avondale Industries’ avionics division asked the training and development office to assist them in implementing training on new equipment that would be installed in all sites, including the global sites. An analysis of the work to be done, as well as what the key tasks are, was provided to the trainers. The next step was to develop a list of what was needed for employees to successfully complete the work. The trainers requested that each site select two of their very best employees to participate in a few focus groups to help the trainers design the training. What can the employees contribute to help the trainers design a more effective training program?


Because these were the best employees in the division, they could help the trainers understand the job challenges they faced and how they overcame these challenges.

Because the employees are on the front line and understand the processes, they are the ones in the best position to advise the trainers about the processes.

Questioning the employees about their knowledge, skills, and abilities can help the trainers identify what other employees will need to be able to do to be successful.


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Avondale Industries’ video training program has proved to be quite successful (and cost effective) during the onboarding process, which is typically stretched out over six months. Employees report they have gained valuable information from the videos and have had many questions answered. However, supervisors at several sites have expressed concern that when a problem occurs, their new team members do not seem to work very well together to problem solve. Therefore, the training and development office has implemented a series of small group trainings, managed by the supervisors, to help address this issue. Why would the new employees benefit from meeting with experienced employees in a small group?


A small group lends itself to more meaningful interactions among the participants, and the new employees will get to know one another better and form friendships.

When the new employees meet in a small group, they are better able to ask questions about how training connects with the business and the company’s overall mission and goals.

The new employees will benefit from meeting in a small group with experienced employees because they will have immediate feedback on the projects on which they are working.

The small group allows the new employees to build a relationship with and to learn from people who have already been through, and solved, many of the same problems they face.


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