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HRM 326T Wk 2 - Apply: Assignment

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HRM 326T Wk 2 - Apply: Assignment

Complete the Week 2 Apply Assignment in MyEducator.

Avondale Industries’ top management has set a goal to reduce cost and waste, improve efficiency at all their production sites (both domestic and abroad), and increase profitability. They recognize this is a continuous improvement journey and will involve much more than just the implementation of tools and alignment of work. They are committed to making change, however, and recognize that employee engagement and empowerment are key elements to improving productivity on the production lines. As a first step, the training and development office has engaged several groups of employees (line workers, engineers, quality assurance, quality control, and maintenance) to review production processes and set performance standards. Why is it important that these employees be involved in the process of setting standards?


Establishing standards for work on the production lines will enable all employees involved to be safe, which is the most important priority of the company.

Meeting standards are best achieved when the people who must meet the standards are involved in establishing them.

Engaging the different groups of people will allow for differing opinions to inform the company on what needs to be done on the production line.

Involving the employees right from the beginning of the continuous improvement journey will increase the likelihood they will support the new standards.



Four months ago, an outstanding salesperson was transferred from Avondale Industries’ headquarters in Arizona to their avionics division in Brisbane, Australia, to help promote and sell a new product being released in the region. Previously, the salesperson had been a high performer, but shortly after arriving in Brisbane he began to miss quotas and became a problem employee. While he was still pleasant to be around, it was apparent he lacked the motivation he had previously exhibited in his job. His manager, who had recruited him to the job because of his previous success, was at a loss and requested help from HR. Which of the following advice might best help the sales manager improve the performance management process for this employee?


The sales manager needs to motivate the employee. Giving him more work might make him feel more valued and trusted as a contributor to the department.

For the employee to improve in his performance, the sales manager needs to engage the services of a mediator who can act as a go-between to iron out their differences.

The sales manager should have the employee identify obstacles, get his buy-in on setting goals, set up regular times for feedback, and understand how his contribution affects the firm.

The sales manager needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with the employee, explain that his behavior is not acceptable, that changes must be made, or he will have to return to the US.


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