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HRM 326T Wk 1 - Apply: Assignment

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HRM 326T Wk 1 - Apply: Assignment

Complete the Week 1 Apply Assignment in MyEducator.

Avondale Industries’ training director conducted an employee survey and found that employees in several departments lacked trust and confidence in their supervisors. The director arranged for training of these supervisors to help them strengthen their interpersonal, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills. Why is it in the best interest of the organization to help its supervisors improve their performance and gain the trust and confidence of their direct reports?


Providing training for individuals that focuses on improving skills allows employees to develop competencies for future jobs.

Improving relationships between employees is an essential role for the training and development office and helps it achieve its goals.

Training supervisors to be more trustworthy will help them relate more effectively with their employees and encourage better communication.

Helping individuals improve their performance through training helps the organization reach its strategic goals.


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Avondale Industries’ training and development office was asked to develop and implement a training program for its engineers located in its Bengaluru, India site. The program was developed in conjunction with several managers in Bengaluru who needed to improve the flow of their projects, many of which were not delivered on time. The managers felt that project management training would help their engineers develop the skills needed to understand the importance of time management, setting of goals and objectives, and prioritizing their goals to assist in making better use of their time. The training was delivered as requested, but three months later the managers reported they had seen no improvement in meeting project delivery deadlines. Which statement best explains why the training was not effective?


Effectiveness of the training was poor because it did not ask for the engineers’ input or engage their interest.

The engineers relied too heavily on technology to guarantee the success of the training they received.

The training was not effective because engineers were trained when managers, who oversee project resources and set deadlines, should have been trained.

Cultural differences were not accounted for when the training and development team organized the training and was thus not effective.


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