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CMGT 433 Wk 3 - Action Plan

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CMGT 433 Wk 3 - Action Plan

The executive team at your company did not agree with your first recommendations in your executive summary completed in Week 2. However, they decided that your number 2 and number 4 recommendations were better suited and more cost effective solutions for your organization. This presents a challenge to you, but you must go ahead with your executive team's guidance. Again, as in previous weeks, use your own organization or an organization that you are familiar with for this and the other assignments during this course. Think about how the industry and the size of the organization is going to affect your responses.


You will take the two recommended actions and develop an action plan to assist the project teams and effectively demonstrate what items need to be addressed for securing your company. Think of this Action Plan as the first step in a project designed to create or improve a business process, program, practice, etc. The plan should break down individual requirements and issues into steps that can be tracked appropriately, indicate each team member(s) responsibility, and the planned completion (including prerequisites) dates. A plan usually includes goals, steps, assignments, and deadlines. To learn more about how to structure the assignment, you might want to research how project management works.


For this assignment you are writing a recipe for how you will complete two of the recommended projects that you made in last week's assignment. Think of how you will write it so it can be completed on time and on budget. What needs to be done first, what are tasks that can only be done after other tasks are completed and what might happen if the task is not completed on time. For example, what happens if you forget to have all the ingredients for the cake you are planning to make? You might have to make an emergency trip to the store to buy more and the cake might not get baked in time for the birthday party you are planning to have.


Create a project work plan with a total of at least 10 tasks that are a break down of your number 2 and 4 recommendations from your week 2 assignment. Each task must address the following three issues:

  • Risk assessment (overall strategy)
  • What are the risks if the project is late or delayed?
  • What might go wrong during the project execution?
  • Contingency planning
  • What is your plan if there is a problem? Who sets the priorities following an incident? Who is going to do what? What are the priorities? How do you keep the plan going?
  • Vulnerability management
  • What is the strategy for ongoing risk identification?
  • Once you've identified the risk, how do you mitigate the risk? What are the steps?


Complete this action table in a detailed Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. The following are examples of column heading titles for a table-formatted action plan:


Column 1: Action Item

Column 2: Description/Details

Column 3: Person Responsible

Column 4: Prerequisites

Column 5: Comments/Notes


Format your all references and citations according to APA guidelines. Given that this is an academic assignment, additional research outside of the class materials to support the assertions in the document is expected.


Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

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