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CMGT 582 Wk 4 - Devil’s Canyon, Part 1

CMGT 582 Wk 4 - Devil’s Canyon, Part 1 PLDZ-14111
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CMGT 582 Wk 4 – Devil’s Canyon, Part 1


In this simulation, you will evaluate how to design an enterprise architecture for a mountain resort. Your job is to utilize the team’s vision to design the enterprise architecture using the interactive map tools while staying in budget.


Using the Devil’s Canyon Simulation Access link, complete the interactive before moving to Part B.


Part B: Policies, Plans, and Risks

Now that you have seen all the elements contributing to the Devil’s Canyon enterprise architecture, Justin wants to move forward with developing privacy policies to ensure videos are not distributed or uploaded to the net without the consent of the people in them. This opens a much larger conversation: Devil’s Canyon is also in need of a complete security plan, as well as risk assessments.


In a 2- to 3-page rationale and table, prepare the following information to present to the Devil’s Canyon team:




    • Explain the relationship between policies and security plans. Identify potential policy needs, noting Justin’s privacy policy, in relation to the Devil’s Canyon enterprise structure.



    • Outline the importance of a security plan in relation to security roles and safeguards.



    • Analyze at least 5 security-related risks/threats that Devil’s Canyon may face.



    • Assess the probability and impact to the Devil’s Canyon if each risk occurs. Based on these two factors, determine the overall risk level. For purposes of this assignment, evaluate and categorize each factor as low, medium, or high, and create a table to illustrate the risks. For example, a risk/threat with a low likelihood of occurrence and a high impact would represent an overall medium risk.



    • Consider digital elements mentioned in the designing of the enterprise architecture, such as software, hardware, proposed security measures, smart lift tickets, web cam systems, and smartphones.





Note: The page assignment length requirement applies to the content of the assignment. Start the assignment with an APA formatted title page and add a reference section with at least two professional references. Use the references in the text of the assignment where applicable. Make sure to check the SafeAssign originality score. Individual assignments can be

submitted more than once to make changes or correct any deficiencies.


Submit your assignment.


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