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Security & Ethics


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CMGT 582 Wk 1 – Knowledge Check


Complete the weekly Knowledge Check. You can complete this week’s Knowledge Check at the beginning and end of the week to pre-assess your knowledge. You have unlimited attempts available to complete?Knowledge Checks.


 CMGT 582 Wk 1 – Vampire Legends


Part A: Ch. 10 Role Playing Sim: Vampire Legends

In this role-playing simulation, you will be the acting CIO and will specifically work on the strategy and the budget of the game Ancient Age, the sequel to Vampire Legends. The simulation will require you to give a breakdown of the budget report, choose an allocation strategy based on the risks and expenses involved, choose the best advertising campaign, analyze threats related to information security, and decide the course of action in handling threats to information security.


Using the Vampire Legends Access link, complete the interactive before moving to Part B.


Part B: Memo to CEO

Write a 2- to 3-page memo to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Vampire Legends organization to:


CMGT 582 Wk 2 – Cruisin’ Fusion, Part 1


Part A: Ch. 6 Role Playing Sim: Cruisin’ Fusion

In this simulation, you will understand how to develop a website for a chain of concession stands you inherited from Uncle Al. You are not sure what to do with the concession truck, but a couple of your friends think Al was onto something with his unusual taco food truck. They want to partner with you to expand, targeting sports events, outdoor concerts, political rallies, holiday marches, and other events where customers might pay a little more for a very distinctive and healthier meal. With the right marketing, this could be a promising business venture.


CMGT 582 Wk 3 Team – Privacy Challenges


Using the Case Study #1 Facebook and Instagram: Privacy Challenges Access link, review the information presented in the Case Study: Facebook and Instagram: Privacy Challenges.


Working together as a team, prepare an e-mail analyzing ethical privacy trends, confidentiality, and privacy regulations based on the information in the case study for the employees in the Vampire Legends organization from Wk 1. Consider the following questions as you create your e-mail:


CMGT 582 Wk 4 – Devil’s Canyon, Part 1


In this simulation, you will evaluate how to design an enterprise architecture for a mountain resort. Your job is to utilize the team’s vision to design the enterprise architecture using the interactive map tools while staying in budget.


CMGT 582 Wk 5 – Devil’s Canyon, Part 2


Refer to Devil’s Canyon, Part A in Wk 4.


Using the potential risks for Devil’s Canyon you identified in Wk 4, create a 3- to 4-page matrix to share with the team. In your matrix:


CMGT 582 Wk 5 COVID-19 Cyber Risks


In addition to the healthcare risk posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, significant cyber security threats are increasing. These global threats impact organizations and individuals. Identify a healthcare organization for the focus of the assignment. Use a real health care organization. Research the current COVID-19 pandemic cyber security threats and attack methods targeted at the healthcare organizations, employees, and patients.


CMGT 582 Wk 6 – Signature Assignment: Security Audit


You are part of a team selected by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to perform a security audit for one of the companies explored in this course. Vampire Legends (Wk 1)


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