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MGT 312 Week 3 Practice: Week 3 Knowledge Check

MGT 312 Week 3 Practice: Week 3 Knowledge Check PLDZ-14015 Free
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MGT 312 Week 3 Practice: Week 3 Knowledge Check

Complete "Practice: Week 3 Knowledge Check" in Connect® by Day 5.

Note: You have unlimited attempts available to complete practice assignments. The highest scored attempt will be recorded. These assignments have earlier due dates, so plan accordingly. Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don't worry, this might happen after your due date.

Foundations of Motivation—Hot Topic


This video case provides valuable insights into Hot Topic, a music and clothing retailer. The company has made Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, and interviews with the CEO and other employees explain why. Hot Topic has a unique organizational culture with an accompanying and similarly unique performance management and motivation program. Opting for an open, no-walls corporate office, CEO Betsy McLaughlin hopes to foster communication, motivation, and increased performance by removing many of the barriers to cooperation and creativity found in many corporations today. This case will allow you to see how Hot Topic employees are motivated and some of the incentives the company uses in their performance management system.


Click play to start the video and answer the questions that appear below. NOTE—You must answer every question. After all questions are answered, you can review and change your answers before submitting.


Hot Topic CEO Betsy McLaughlin, describes a clear and consistent message communicated to and possessed by employees—passion! She then says that the company translates this passion into positive customer experiences, the overarching goal of the company. Based on the fact that a “passion for the concept” is so important to the culture of Hot Topic, which of the following statements is most likely an accurate statement?

Multiple Choice


Pay for performance would be a good way to motivate the employees of Hot Topic.

Behavioral goals, as opposed to specific objective goals, would be commonly used in the performance management system at Hot Topic.


Performance management is likely not a high priority for Hot Topic.

Financial performance measures are the most likely method of evaluating employee performance.

Performance evaluations at Hot Topic likely are biased by leniency.





Which of the following best describes the motivation generated by the Concert Reimbursement program?

Multiple Choice












Which aspect of intrinsic motivation is illustrated by Betsy McLaughlin in the video?

Multiple Choice










Based on the description of Torrid, which of the following statements would most likely be accurate concerning the employees working with the customers in this store?

Multiple Choice

They are motivated primarily by financial extrinsic rewards.

The goals they set are primarily task oriented in nature.

They derive great motivation from nonfinancial extrinsic rewards.

Managers would only rarely need to use reinforcement or punishment with them.

They are intrinsically motivated through meaningfulness of their jobs.

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