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MKT 421T Wk 2 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Carmex Case

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MKT 421T Wk 2 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Carmex Case

While Carmex has been marketing lip balm since 1937, only recently has Carmex begun to focus on competition and growth. Carmex has used social media tools to support many of its growth initiatives including product line extension, international growth, new product development, and product line expansion. Facebook provides Carmex with the unique opportunity to research potential lip balm varieties in the United States by engaging with its target audience online.


Marketing research is the process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information, and recommending actions. Marketing researchers collect information to help marketing managers reduce risk and improve their marketing decisions. There are five steps in the marketing research approach: (1) defining the problem, (2) developing the research plan, (3) collecting relevant information, (4) developing findings, (5) and taking marketing actions.



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Carmex's first efforts in marketing research had the research objective of figuring out who it was as a company and what the Carmex name means. In the first stage of the marketing research approach, ________, the research objective is set.

Multiple Choice

defining the problem

developing findings

taking marketing actions

developing the research plan

collecting relevant information



Carmex uses key Facebook metrics such as "likes" and "engagement" to keep up with the size and activity of Carmex's Facebook audience. In what stage of the marketing research approach would the Carmex manager determine the number of current Facebook likes and level of engagement activity?

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Multiple Choice

Take marketing actions.

Define the problem.

Set research objectives.

Develop the research plan.

Collect relevant information.




If Carmex sent an email survey to each e-mail address registered through its Facebook page to determine what the demographic profile of its average Facebook fan looked like, this would be an example of ________ data gathering.

Multiple Choice









In addition to Facebook research, Carmex uses retailer checkout scanner data to determine which formulations of Carmex are most popular. This type of primary data gathered through the front-end checkout data is classified as ________ data.

Multiple Choice

personal interview



focus group





Assume Carmex used both the poll and the contest on Facebook in an attempt to increase "engagement" and "likes" on the Carmex page. If "likes" did not increase but "engagement" increased by 10 percent, one would conclude that the contest was ________ successful at driving results than the poll.

Multiple Choice

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