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MKT 421T Wk 1 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Quiz

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MKT 421T Wk 1 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Quiz

The generation of children born between 1946 and 1964 is referred to as

Multiple Choice

the grey generation.

Generation Y.

baby boomers.

Generation X.




Using smartphones, one can watch the news, shoot videos, browse the Internet, take pictures, and listen to music. Improved features are added with each smartphone introduced by Apple, Samsung, LG, and others. As a result, customers often want to replace their existing smartphones with new models or brands every two years when their contracts expire. This increase in demand is due mostly to changes in __________, an environmental force.

Multiple Choice


social culture



the economy




A growing trend to "Buy American" may encourage U.S. automakers to increase political pressure on Washington to pass legislation for more restrictive quotas on Japanese car imports. In addition, a decline in the value of the U.S. dollar would be instrumental in Toyota's decision to build a manufacturing plant in the United States instead of continuing to export cars from Japan. If Toyota builds the plant, its decision would reflect

Multiple Choice

a reactive strategy that would impact the competitive environmental force.

a proactive maneuver to manipulate and impact the social environmental force.

a positive result from regulatory and economic environmental forces.

a positive response to a technological environmental force.

a negative impact as a result of adverse competitive, regulatory, and technological environmental forces.





Members of Generation Z are most likely to influence

Multiple Choice

furniture design.

health care and insurance.

retirement plans.


automobile design.






An important social trend is the continued concern for health and well-being in the United States. This is most likely evidenced by

Multiple Choice

the increased sales of Cigar Aficionado magazine.

the introduction of Lay's Kettle Cooked potato chips, which have 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips.

the opening of more Starbucks coffee boutiques in supermarkets.

the upsizing of menu items at fast-food restaurants.

the introduction of tablet devices such as the iPad.


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