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CMGT 557 Wk 3 Discussion - Data Access

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CMGT 557 Wk 3 Discussion – Data Access


Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.

Background:  You work for a company that has already begun the journey into big data. Your company has an Enterprise Data Warehouse and is considered data rich. You are an IT manager. You recognize that your company has many dedicated employees and with so much data you have an obligation to ensure proper management of that data.

Initial post response (Due Thursday): This week our focus is on one megatrend – big data. Your initial response must be a minimum of 175 words. Please select one of the following groups of questions to respond to:

Group: Access to Data




    • As a manager, you are responsible for setting the policy related to provisioning of access. What is your policy for access to big data?



    • How would you evaluate the legitimacy of the employee’s ask for greater access to data?



    • How would you approach discussing this topic with a new employee who was adamant they needed unfettered access to big data?




Group: Managing Big Data




    • What big data tools and methodologies would you utilize to manage big data? Why?



    • What data governance processes would you put in place to manage your organizations big data? Why?



    • How would you approach dissemination of data to the appropriate persons within your organization (i.e., self-service, reports pushed to the user, etc.)? Why?




In your initial response, please utilize at least one reference from an academic and/or trade journal (in-text citations and reference list) and be mindful of proper spelling, grammar, and scholarly tone.

Two substantive replies (Due Monday): In your responses to your peers, address any thoughts you have on the access to data, managing big data, how big data can benefit a business, and/or provide practical real-world examples.

In your replies, please be sure to provide a thorough response that is constructive and professional. If using sources, please ensure they are properly cited (in-text and reference list).

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