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HUM 150 Wk 4 Discussion - Global Cinemas

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HUM 150 Wk 4 Discussion – Global Cinemas


Post a total of 3 substantive responses spread over at least 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post to this Discussion Topic and 2 replies to either your instructor’s replies or the posts of other students. NOTE: You will not be able to see the posts of others until you post your initial response.

Due Thursday

For your initial post, respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words. You may discuss just one of these, or any combination of them. Your response must address at least one of these topics.

_Some of the trends in global cinema that are discussed in Chapter 12 of our text arose in an effort to address the struggles of a society at the time, make political statements, or effect social change. Many of them were considered controversial at the time. Discuss examples of more recent films you have seen that you believe address controversial issues, make political statements, or attempt to effect social change, in direct or indirect ways.

_Consider some of the global cinemas discussed in Chapter 12, older and newer, such as German Expressionism, Soviet Silent Film, French Impressionist Cinema and Poetic Realism, Italian Neorealism, French New Wave, Japanese Cinema, or Hong Kong Cinema, etc. Which of these might you be most interested in seeing some films from, and why? Or perhaps tell us if you have seen a film from any of these, and what you found interesting or different about it.

_Our materials under “Wk 4 – Learning Activities,” “Week 4 University Library” and Chapter 12 discuss films made in a variety of times and places. Much of how films are perceived has to do with the context of both when and where they were made, as well as when they were seen, and by whom (and in what culture they live). How important is a film’s context to its overall effect? If a film is watched out of context, do you think its meaning would be lost? For example, think of a movie from the decade you were born or another film of your choice, as long as it is at least 10 years old. If the movie was watched now, would it be viewed differently? If so, how?

_After watching “Development of the Antihero” under “Wk 4 – Learning Activities,” “Week 4 University Library,” discuss a main character in a more recent film you have seen that you consider to fit into the antihero mold. How about a more recent character you consider to be a true classic hero and not an antihero?

_After watching “Film History: New Inspiration,” under “Wk 4 – Learning Activities,” “Week 4 University Library,” discuss what you feel might be new inspirations for movies today, what ideas you think might reinvigorate genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns, action films, romance, or any other you think might need reinvigorating. For example, horror films have a long history in Hollywood beginning with Dracula and Frankenstein, whose source materials came from original published novels. Dracula can be thought of as a folktale and Frankenstein was, in part, inspired by science experiments known to the author Mary Shelley. What folktales or current scientific thought should serve as inspiration to modern filmmakers?

Due Monday

Post at least two responses. These can be to your classmates initial posts or responses, or to replies posted by your instructor. Be constructive and professional in your responses. 50 words minimum each.

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