Sex and Dreams: The Language of Dreams

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Sex and Dreams: The Language of Dreams By Dr. William Stekel

Published 1922 with 322 pages.

Authors Preface
Every mental activity is dominated by the law of "bipolarity": to every instinct there corresponds a counter-instinct; to every virtue, a vice; to every manifestation of strength, some weakness. One can never understand the nature of man so long as one fails to take into consideration this fact.
My work treats of the secrets of the human soul. It would be unfair to appraise humanity on the basis of the results of these investigations. For this work deals specifically with the evil in human nature, and only with the evil. But we must not forget that there is also another side.
Perhaps I can make myself clear best through an example: A stranger comes into some town unfamiliar to him; he looks over very thoroughly and with great enthusiasm its monuments of art; he is charmed by the beautiful sights which culture has provided. He then departs believing he has become thoroughly acquainted with the town. Another traveller says to himself, after having gone through the program suggested by the usual traveller's guide: Now I want to look into the reverse side of the life of this place He knows that the pompous formal life has its seamy side, and he discovers once more that only he is able truly to appraise the light side of the picture who has familiarized himself also with its shadows.
My investigations are concerned with the foundations of the human soul. They are not intended for inexperienced lay persons whose minds may be confused rather than enlightened by these investigations. Physicians, jurists, mental hygienists, educators and psychologists will undoubtedly find herein a certain amount of inspiration and their mental horizon will be enlarged. It is high time that we devote greater attention to the facts of our dream life. This field opens to us the opportunity of acquiring insight into the very depths of the human soul and thus enables us, for the first time, to penetrate the true character of human nature.
In the conception of this book, the result of many years of diligent labour, I have been guided primarily by practical requirements. The theoretical aspects and the past literature concerning dreams have been covered so well by Freud that I must refer all those interested to that author's fundamental and highly instructive work.
My work should not be merely read, it must be tested out. I welcome every criticism so long as it is not dictated by blind prejudice, for the person unfamiliar with the problem of dream interpretation will be inclined to look upon some of the statements in the book as somewhat forced and perhaps artificial.
This was my own experience, when I first began to devote myself to the subject of dreams. Conviction cannot arise through reading alone; it follows only after personally testing out the principles.
I may point out, additionally, one fact: the interpretation of dreams is a science in the process of formation. Everything about it is in a state of flux, everything is in the process of becoming formulated. This book is but a rung in the ladder. Who can at this time measure the majestic heights eventually to be attained by the structure to which the present work is but a stepping stone?

I The meaning of symbolism What Is a symbol? The dream about the slain woman Lovesick humanity Dream of the jealous father Dream and myth
The analysis of a simple dream The dream about the telephone The ballad of the poor eagle What Mrs. A. thinks of the act of telephoning
III Superficial aspects of dream Interpretation The moon and the earth The Rathaus dream Representation of unbridled life
IV Symbolism of the sinking tree Representation of Mother Earth The fear of self
V Dream masks Pursuit dreams The political dream about Bismarck The wonderful villa The dream about the baker Contrary meaning of aboriginal words-The psychology of the Don Juan type Savings bankbook and love Evil thoughts of childhood The skillful fencer The dark man, a symbol for death
VI Dream masks, Cont. Transposltion from below, upwards, and from the front, backwards Scorn under the mask of gentility A dream which must be interpreted in reverse sense The second symbolic equation The symbolization of scornful love Why the child calls "Papa I" A biographic dream
VII Dream masks Displacement and fusion The brave servant Criminal (asocial) Instincts . .
VIII The splitting of personality In the dream The dream of a judge: villa and prison The museum dream
IX Transformations and bisexuality The meaning of five fingers An old dream In a new light Bisexual symbols-All dreams are bisexual. How the dreamer seeks the male in the woman . .
X Symbolism of left and right in dreams The cousin as substitute for incest The father must leave Symbolism of the spiral Dream about diplomatic behavior
XI The dreams of a doubter The dream about sweets The dream about stolen books The second version
XII The symbolism of life and death In the dream The long sharp sword In the dream Masturbation represented by pocket The matricide Idea Blood for spermatic fluid
XIII Speech In dreams The symbolism of conversation Color symbolism of Mr. S
XIV Representation of the emotions in the dream The dream of "getting ready" A clergyman's dream The root of foot fetichism Triumph over the father Dream thoughts and compulsive images Infantile roots of the fear of contact Why the dreamer "wonders"

Sex and Dreams: The Language of Dreams By Dr. William Stekel Published 1922 with 322 pages. Authors Preface Every mental activity is dominated by the law of "bipolarity": to every instinct there corresponds a counter-instinct; to every virtue, a vi
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