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PHL 320 Week 4 Practice: Week 4 Knowledge Check

PHL 320 Week 4 Practice: Week 4 Knowledge Check PLDZ-13444 Free
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PHL 320 Week 4 Practice: Week 4 Knowledge Check

Complete the "Week 4 Knowledge Check" in Connect®.

Note: You have unlimited attempts available to complete this practice assignment. The highest scored attempt will be recorded. These assignments have earlier due dates, so plan accordingly. Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don't worry, this might happen after your due date.



"They say Japanese carmakers put out the best cars in the world, all things considered. But that can’t be right—the Toyota I bought last year had to be returned to the shop five times!" The sample is

Multiple Choice

my Toyota.

Japanese cars.

the best cars in the world.







Maude and Clyde are discussing whether to buy this nice little cottage. Using the dropdown menus, classify the fallacies in their conversation (marked in boldface).

    • Stunning Federal-style brick home with exquisite appointments throughout

    • 20 picturesque acres with lake, pasture, and woodland

    • 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths

    • 5800 sq. ft. living space and 2400 sq. ft. basement

    • Formal living room; banquet dining with butler’s pantry; and luxurious foyer, gourmet kitchen, and morning room

    • 3 fireplaces and 12 chandeliers



Clyde: Maude, look at this place! This is the house for us! Let’s make an offer right now. We can afford it!


Maude: Oh, Clyde, be serious. That house is way beyond our means.


Clyde: Well, I think we can afford it.


Maude: Honey, if we can afford it, pigs can fly.


Clyde: Look, do you want to live in a shack?    Besides, I called the real estate agent. She says it’s a real steal.


Maude: Well, what do you expect her to say? She’s looking for a commission.  


Clyde: Sometimes I don’t understand you. Last week you were pushing for a really upscale place.  


Maude: Clyde, we can’t make the payments on a place like that. We couldn’t even afford to heat it! And what on earth are we going to do with a lake?


Clyde: Honey, the payments would only be around $5,000 a month. How much do you think we could spend?


Maude: I’d say $1,800.


Clyde: Okay, how about $2,050?


Maude: Oh, for heaven’s sake! Yes, we could do $2,050!


Clyde: Well, how about $3,100?


Maude: Oh, Clyde, what is your point?


Clyde: So $3,100 is okay? How about $3,200? Stop me when I get to exactly where we can’t afford it.  


Maude: Clyde, I can’t say exactly where it gets to be too expensive, but $5,000 a month is too much.


Clyde: Well, I think we can afford it.


Maude: Why?


Clyde: Because it’s within our means!  


Maude: Clyde, you’re the one who’s always saying we have to cut back on our spending!


Clyde: Yes, but this’ll be a great investment!


Maude: And what makes you say that?


Clyde: Because we’re bound to make money on it.


Maude: Clyde, honey, you are going around in circles.


Clyde: Well, can you prove we can’t afford it? 


Maude: Once we start spending money like drunken sailors, where will it end?  line-drawing  Next, we’ll have to get a riding mower, then a boat for that lake, a butler for the butler’s pantry—we’ll owe everybody in the state!


Clyde: Well, we don’t have to make up our minds right now. I’ll call the agent and tell her we’re sleeping on it.


Maude: Asleep and dreaming.



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