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PHL 320 Week 1 Apply: Creating an Argument

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PHL 320 Week 1 Apply: Creating an Argument

Complete the "Creating an Argument" homework assignment in Connect®.

For each statement, select the conclusion statement that would turn these statements into arguments.

Note: You have only 1 attempt available to complete this assignment. Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don't worry, this might happen after your due date.


Tipsarevic is unlikely to win the U.S. Open this year.

Multiple Choice

He will be a strong competitor, though.

Smith is also unlikely to win the U.S. Open this year.

He has a nagging leg injury, plus he doesn’t have the drive he once had.

He did not win the U.S. Open last year either.



John Montgomery has been the Eastern Baseball League’s best closer this season. Unfortunately, when a closer gets shelled, as Montgomery did last night, it takes him a while to recover.

Multiple Choice

There are other pitchers on his team who could be closers.

In fact, his team may want to think about trading him.

Nobody will say he is the best closer after that performance.

He may never recover.



There is trouble in the Middle East, there is a recession at home, and all economic indicators are trending downward.

Multiple Choice

It would be nice to see economic indicators trending upward instead.

Most news media agree that this is the case.

There are similar conditions in other regions throughout the world.

It seems likely, then, that the only way the stock market can go is down.




“It may be true that people, not guns, kill people.

Multiple Choice

There are many reasons why people kill people."

But people with guns kill more people than people without guns. As long as the number of lethal weapons in the hands of the American people continues to grow, so will the murder rate.”

It may also be true that people hate one another."

There are a lot of people who own guns."




As a long-time customer, you’re already taking advantage of our money management expertise and variety of investment choices.

Multiple Choice

We have spent years building this expertise and developing a variety of investment choices.

That’s a good reason for consolidating your other eligible assets into an IRA with us.

We always like to offer our long-time customers additional options.

Many other customers also take advantage of our expertise and variety.




Yes, I charge a little more than other dentists.

Multiple Choice

But I feel I give better service. So my billing practices are justified.

But I don’t charge as much as I could.

You should see what my dentist charges me, though.

And I offer services that other dentists don’t always offer.




Pornography often depicts women as servants or slaves or as otherwise inferior to men.

Multiple Choice

Pornography is much more prevalent than it used to be thanks to the Internet.

In light of that, it seems reasonable to expect to find more women than men who are upset by pornography.

Most pornography is created by men.

Pornography depicts women in other ways, as well.




Fears that chemicals in teething rings and soft plastic toys may cause cancer may be justified.

Multiple Choice

Chemicals have been used in such items for years.

Cancer is one of the biggest health concerns society faces.

There are many other things that also cause cancer.

Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a report confirming that low amounts of DEHP, known to cause liver cancer in lab animals, may be absorbed from certain infant products.



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