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CMGT 430 Wk 5 - Post-Course Assessment Quiz

CMGT 430 Wk 5 - Post-Course Assessment Quiz PLDZ-13363 Free
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CMGT 430 Wk 5 - Post-Course Assessment Quiz

Complete the Post-Course Assessment quiz using the MindTap Access link.

What tool would you use if you want to collect information as it is being transmitted on the network and analyze the contents for the purpose of solving network problems?

  • Port scanner
  • Content filter
  • Packet sniffer
  • Vulnerability scanner


Which of the following InfoSec positions is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the InfoSec program?

  • CISO
  • Security officer
  • Security manager
  • Security technician


Which of the following can be described as the quantity and nature of risk that organizations are willing to accept as they evaluate the trade-offs between perfect security and unlimited accessibility?

  • Risk termination
  • Risk appetite
  • Residual risk
  • Risk assurance


Which document must be changed when evidence changes hands or is stored?

  • Affidavit
  • Evidentiary material
  • Search warrant
  • Chain of custody


The C.I.A. triad for computer security includes which of these characteristics?

  • Availability
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accountability


There are three general categories of unethical behavior that organizations and society should seek to eliminate. Which of the following is not one of them?

  • Malice
  • Ignorance
  • Intent
  • Accident


The type of planning that is used to organize the ongoing, day-to-day performance of tasks is ____________.

  • organizational
  • tactical
  • operational
  • strategic


Which is the first step in the contingency planning process among the options listed here?

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business impact analysis
  • Business continuity training
  • Incident response planning


What is the SETA program designed to do?

  • Reduce the occurrence of accidental security breaches.
  • Improve operations.
  • Increase the efficiency of InfoSec staff.
  • Reduce the occurrence of external attacks.


Which type of document is a more detailed statement of what must be done to comply with a policy?

  • Procedure
  • Standard
  • Guideline
  • Practice


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