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DAT 565 Wk 1 – Apply: Statistics Analysis


Resource: Pastas R Us, Inc. Database


Review the Wk 2 – Apply: Statistical Report assignment.


In preparation for writing your report to senior management next week, conduct the following descriptive statistics analyses with Excel®. Answer the questions below in your Excel sheet or in a separate Word document:



DAT 565 Wk 2 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Statistical Report


Resources: Pastas R Us, Inc. Database & Microsoft Excel®, Wk 1: Descriptive Statistics Analysis Assignment



This assignment is intended to help you learn how to apply statistical methods when analyzing operational data, evaluating the performance of current marketing strategies, and recommending actionable business decisions. This is an opportunity to build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills within the context of data analysis and interpretation. You’ll gain a first-hand understanding of how data analytics supports decision-making and adds value to an organization.




DAT 565 Wk 3 – Apply: Market Analysis Research





MBA Business Plan component





DAT 565 Wk 4 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Globalization and Information Research



This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to strengthen your skills in gathering and analyzing business-related information. It provides a deeper understanding of how companies can look at globalization as part of their strategic and operational plans. The assignment has two parts: one focused on information research and analysis, and the other is on applied analytics.




DAT 565 Wk 5 – Apply: Regression Modeling



This assignment provides an opportunity to develop, evaluate, and apply bivariate and multivariate linear regression models.


Resources: Microsoft Excel®, DAT565_v3_Wk5_Data_File




DAT 565 Wk 6 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Smart Parking Space App Presentation



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