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MHA 506 Wk 3 Team Assignment: Goals/Objectives and Marketing Strategy

MHA 506 Wk 3 Team Assignment: Goals/Objectives and Marketing Strategy PLDZ-13029 Free
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MHA 506 Wk 3 Team Assignment: Goals/Objectives and Marketing Strategy

Write a minimum of 2 pages for the Goals/Objectives and Marketing Strategy portions for your Marketing Plan to address the situation in the case study.


Detailed Instructions


Goal focus – identify the specific, measurable goals you will recommend for ECRH. Use specific numbers for each goal. Rather than stating they need to increase the recruitment of new physicians, for example, look at the numbers in the Case Study and recommend a specific number to target. Do this for at least 3 different goals.


Performance benchmarks – Identify specifics for this one as well, describing where their performance needs to increase the most. Do not describe the whole organization. Explain the highest priorities for improvement.


Market Objectives – identify at least 2 specific objectives in terms of the customers. Do not use the same ones you used for the Goals. Use specific numbers based on the Case Study. Keep it realistic. An example would be to increase the

market share for a selected specialty from 30% to 35%.


For the Target Market: Identify the specific target group you will focus on. You cannot choose everyone, so be specific

and describe the typical customer in terms of age, gender, income, behavior, etc. For example, describing the target market as women is not specific enough. Provide an age range, a specific income range, and other relevant factors.


Briefly identify what type of companies would want to work with ECRH. Identify several specific organizations that would find it advantageous for themselves to be a partner with ECRH. Use specifics. Any of the organizations within ECRH are not considered partners. Use outside organizations.


Identify the Collaborators that ECRH can work with. These are people or organizations outside of ECRH that could help you achieve your Goals. An example could be a medical supply company for certain specialties. Use specifics. The ECRH employees and physicians are not collaborators.


Identify and describe the major Competitors for ECRH. Identify a few specifics about each one.


For the Value Proposition: This is a section that many teams have a difficult time with. Place yourself in the shoes of the Target Market, the Collaborator, and the Companies. You will explain how they see value, not what ECRH can do for

  1. their priorities are, what they do not want, and the specifics in a healthcare provider that would satisfy their needs.


Explain how your specific target customer sees value in healthcare. This should be the basis for the changes you will make later in the Marketing Plan.


For the Collaborators you identified, explain how they see value in partners. This will be the basis for attracting them to partner with ECRH.


For the Companies, explain how they see value in a healthcare provider to work with.


For each of these, you are looking at value through their eyes. This is essential when creating a Marketing Plan, as you need to understand how they view healthcare providers, so you can position ECRH to be their first choice.


Cite at least 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).


Submit your assignment. For additional help, check out the ULTRA: Access your assignments page.

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