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HCS 380 Wk 5 Team Assignment: Business Proposal

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HCS 380 Wk 5 Team Assignment: Business Proposal 

NOTE: Team participation is required and needs to be timely. You must check in with your team no later than Day 1 of Week 5 and choose the required component that you will be contributing to the assignment. Part of the grade for this assignment is timely participation and submission of your work to the team area. Failure to contribute and assist in the decision making will affect your grade.


Your team is tasked by the CEO of your Organization to benchmark another health care organization. The bench-marking process requires your team to research a health care organization, review their latest annual report and identify operational challenges, and opportunities, which entails providing a financial analysis of their financial statements. Your team will provide the following information on the organization as well as an analysis of the organization’s financial statements you chose in Week 4.


INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE FOR TEAM: Each Team member must complete one of the required elements listed below. In addition, each team member is responsible for defining and showing a calculation of one financial ratio listed below based on the organization's financial statements. Each team member is also required to contribute one recommendation for improvement that has not already been provided by another team member. Each student must provide their own citations and references for their section. Each member is equally responsible to ensure their portion follows the academic integrity policy. These guidelines are to ensure everyone contributes to the entire proposal and provides original work.


INFORMATION: As a team, your final paper will be an analysis of the consolidated financial statements chosen in Week 4. You will also make recommendations to leadership based on your analysis. 


MECHANICS: The paper must be at least 1,050 to 1,400 words, accurate spelling, follow proper writing guidelines for grammar and structure, follow APA format that includes a title page, citations and reference page. I have included an APA template for your use. Download to review.



APA Paper Template .doc



INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE FOR TEAM LEAD: Make sure to use headings in the APA formatted paper for each section covered and include the name of the team member who wrote that particular section. For instance, below I use the heading "Financial Analysis" , then I typed student's name in parentheses. Please make sure this is done so I know who did what section in the paper.


Example: Financial Analysis (Susie Sample)


SOURCE REQUIREMENTS: You will need to use at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your paper. The citations and references need to be in APA format. I have attached an APA paper template for your review and use. Make sure to remove the explanation verbiage under the headings!


CONTENT: Make sure to use the underlined headings provided below, which will help you organize your Business Proposal Analysis. You will need to provide tables, graphs and calculations as applicable to the content being covered. Review the grading rubric LINK below for specifics.  


INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING UNDERLINED ITEMS IN THE TEAM PAPER. You can use these headings to divide these areas among team members. Remember to include the team member's name in parentheses next to the heading.


Background/History of the Organization:  Include a detailed introduction of the organization the team chose in Week 4. You will need to include the organization's history, purpose and identify the service or product they offer (This information is normally found in the annual report).

Operational Structure:  Identify the structure of the company (Sole-proprietorship, Corporation, Partnership, etc.). Include a definition of the type of structure and discuss their financial health. (This information is normally found on the SEC website).

Financial Viability: Identify their plans for growth or plans to increase future revenue. Include any challenges they have encountered or anticipate (This information is normally found in the annual report and via the SEC website). 

Financial Analysis:  Discuss the purpose of financial analysis and identify the steps required in performing a financial analysis. Include information about internal controls in preventing fraud. 

Vertical and Horizontal Analysis: Explain the application of a vertical and horizontal analysis to determine the organization’s viability.

Financial Ratios : Each Team Member must calculate and define one of the ratios listed below. Define the financial ratios listed below. Then perform a calculation of that ratio using the organization’s financial statements. Make sure that each team member covers at least 1 ratio. The team only needs to discuss the ratios listed below in proportion to the number of team members. So, if you only have 4 team members, then you only need to discuss 4 of the ratios listed below and show those calculations.

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