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LTC 310 Wk 1 Individual: Programs and Services Matrix


Complete the Programs and Services Matrix.


Use the matrix to identify five types of programs or services available for long-term care populations.


Include a brief description of the program or service and identify what populations may be in need of each.


Indicate whether this type of service or program is available in your own community and provide examples, if possible, of each.


Submit your assignment.



LTC 310 Wk 2 Team Assignment: Evolution of Programs and Services Timeline


Create a 700- to 1,050-word timeline showing the evolution of programs and services for aging populations over the past 50 years. Include in your timeline:




LTC 310 Wk 3 Individual: Program or Service Observations


Complete the Program or Service Observation Form to record your observations of the 2 programs or services that were approved by your instructor. You are required to submit a separate form for each program or service.


Submit your assignment.



LTC 310 Wk 4 Team Assignment: New Service Presentation


Develop an idea for a new long-term care service or program.


Create a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal detailing your idea. Include the following in your proposal:


LTC 310 Wk 5 Individual Benchmark Assignment: Community Newsletter Signature Assignment

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