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MHA 505 Week 1 Assignment: Gaining Support


Question 1

Are you currently employed? If so, are you employed in the healthcare industry?

Your Answer

I am currently employed in the health care industry with Dr. Arnold Ross. It is a private Podiatry clinic. I have been there for 19 years. I have been Office Manager for the past 5 years.


Approaching Your Employer


Our intention throughout the master’s program is to tie in the activities and assignments to your professional career to encourage you to build capital with your employer. Your master’s degree and the skills that you learn during it should support and strengthen your current and future positions in the health care industry. To do this effectively, you will need to work with your employer and communicate your ambition to apply your knowledge and skill sets to effect positive outcomes at the organization.

Transcript and Other Video Resources

Question 2



MHA 505 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Thinking Diagram



Assignment Instructions


Identify the structural, behavioral, and intersectional (relationship) attributes of your current or most recent employer’s organization.


Create a detailed diagram that maps the stock, inflows, outflows, and feedback loops of the organization.


Click the Add Content button below to insert your assignment. When you are ready to turn it in, click the Submit button. For additional help, check out the ULTRA: Access your assignments page.



MHA 505 Week 2 Team Assignment: Learning Team Charter


Effective collaboration is one of the University’s fundamental learning goals. Learning to work effectively in teams, both as a team member and leader, is a critical organizational competency that University of Phoenix works to develop across the curriculum in all academic programs. Every craftsman and artisan knows that to do a job right, you must choose the right tools. Successful professionals—managers, educators, counselors, and nurses—have had to learn and follow the same practice.



MHA 505 Week 3 Assignment: SWOT Analysis





    1. In Week Two, you created a systems thinking diagram that mapped the stock, inflows, outflows, and feedback loops of an organization. As you become more familiar with your environment and the relationships and interactions between departments and people, you will begin to discover existing strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of the weaknesses and threats to a system is essential during the initial phase to make operational improvements, and it will reveal existing opportunities to plan and execute effective solutions.


MHA 505 Week 3 Team Assignment: Systems Thinking on a National Level, Part 1



MHA 505 Week 4 Assignment: Gemba Walk



Assignment Instructions



MHA 505 Week 5 Assignment: Root Cause Analysis



1.    Root Cause Analysis


MHA 505 Week 5 Team Assignment: Systems Thinking on a National Level, Part 2



MHA 505 Week 6 Team Assignment: Systems Thinking on a National Level, Part 3


Finalize the systems thinking diagram your Learning Team began in Week Three.

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