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DAT 380 Wk 1 - Practice Knowledge Check

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DAT 380 Wk 1 – Practice Knowledge Check


The only way to access the data in a database is through the DBMS.




    • True



    • False





Which of the following is true of spreadsheet applications?




    • They enhance the user’s ability to understand the data.



    • They provide enhanced security and robust data sharing features.



    • They do not allow manipulation of data once entered.



    • They are a better alternative to databases.





The term _____ refers to an organization of components that define and regulate the collection, storage, management and use of data within a database environment.




    • database system



    • structured data



    • management system



    • transaction





A _____ is a collection of related records.







Even when a good database blueprint is available, an applications programmer’s view of the data should match that of the manager and the end user.




    • True



    • False





A(n) _______ enables a database administrator to describe schema components.




    • data definition language (DDL)



    • query language



    • unified modeling language (UML)



    • extensible markup language (XML)





In an SQL-based relational database, rows in different tables are related based on common values in common attributes.




    • True



    • False





VMS/VSAM is an example of the _____.




    • hierarchical model



    • file system data model



    • XML data model



    • relational data model





An implementation-ready data model needn’t necessarily contain enforceable rules to guarantee the integrity of the data.




    • True



    • False





The object-oriented data model was developed in the _____.




    • 1980s



    • 1960s



    • 1990s



  • 1970s
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