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BSCOM 390 Wk 1 - Team: Learning Team Charter

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BSCOM 390 Wk 1 – Team: Learning Team Charter


Complete the Learning Team Charter in the Learning Team Toolkit.


nstructions: Complete the Learning Team Charter (do NOT just fill out the form)


Resource: Learning Team Toolkit (Charter & LT Evaluation Form) – Under the CWE


The charter must incorporate all Learning Group members and include agreement to communication and conflict strategies. Include a short paragraph on how the team will ensure that it is diverse in terms of communications. It needs to be substantive and contain consequences. There should be agreement on the ground rules and consequences. In other words, they should not be just listed. Ensure that all the questions are answered with substantive responses in the Charter. Write in complete sentences and consolidate responses. It is not unusual for the Charter to be several pages long. The more detailed it is in defining expectations and consequences, the easier it will be to implement them. In addition, determine when assignments need to be completed to allow time for all the members to edit and approve the final document so that it can be submitted on time. Determine which student will submit it for the team. In addition, it is expected that all group members will review the assignments early in the week to allow the team to be successful. Participation in the team is a requirement of the class.


If a Learning Group member does not participate, do not include his or her name on the title sheet and inform the instructor. This should be one of the expectations and consequences as points will not be earned if an individual does not contribute.


A short paragraph needs to be written on how the team will practice intercultural communication. Please note that listing contact methods does not count.


Again, determine who will submit the assignment as only one attempt is allowed for Learning Groups.


If the Learning Group is unable to resolve issues, the instructor will use the Charter for resolution, so ensure that it contains conflict strategies that contain consequences.


In Week 5, a Learning Team Evaluation Form needs to be submitted by each Learning Group. Reviewing the expected outcomes will help the team write an effective Charter. Be specific, especially for conflict resolution; otherwise, group members will not be able to meet the expectations. The Learning Group is expected to resolve conflict without going to the professor.


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